Chapter 7 – The Tomb

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Alex’s eyes fluttered open, she squinted sitting up in a large queen sized bed.

“Good morning.” Came a disembodied voice, Alex whipped around a smile tugging at her lips.

“Why didn’t you wake me when we arrived?” She asked clambering from the sheets, she was still dressed in the clothes she had travelled in.

“I tried.” Damon said appearing from the steaming bathroom, a towel wrapped around his abdomen. He smiled a cheeky smile before pulling a black shirt over his head. “Well you best get ready, there’s a lot to show you in this wonderful small town.” Damon continued without turning. Alex showered before meeting Damon downstairs.

“This house is amazing!” Alex exclaimed, staring around in awe. Damon shrugged, holding out his hand for Alex to take it.

 “The Salvatore’s have lived in Mystic Falls for generations.” Damon said, he led her to the car, opening the passenger door before jogging round to take the driver’s seat. They drove into the town and Damon began the little tour. “Mystic falls was founded in 1859, by the founding families…the Salvatores being one of those families.” Damon began grinning at Alex. “The town has a long history of vampires, werewolves and witches who have populated the town for many years.” He continued.

“There are other vampires here?” Alex asked smiling. Damon nodded, parking the car and clambering out onto the sunny street. “If there are witches in the town, why didn’t you just ask them to help you release your brother from the tomb?” Alex asked puzzled. Damon walked ignoring Alex for a moment. “Damon!” Alex called slightly annoyed.

“Because none of them are really willing to help out vampires.” Damon replied through gritted teeth. “Witches don’t really like to help us out.” He continued bitterly.

“When was the last time you were here?” Alex asked curiously, a small smile tugged on Damon’s lips as he turned to face her.

“The last time I was here?” He asked playfully, Alex nodded. He laughed sitting down on a bench in the middle of the square. “Well it was a long time ago.” Damon began, the smile fading from his face remembering. “It was in 1864, I left a few weeks after I was turned.” Damon continued, he was staring at something far in the distance that Alex couldn’t see, they sat in silence for a long while until Alex broke the silence

“How did you brother end up in the tomb?” Alex asked, Damon stood so quickly that Alex flinched.

“I’ll show you where I use to live.” Damon said suddenly avoiding the subject, they drove to a large wooded area, with just a few stone pillars left to mark the walls of the house. “This was the entrance to our manor house.” Damon said smiling. Alex nodded, kicking at the ground and glancing around somewhat uninterested in the whole thing.

After a whole day of what Alex considered a long and boring tour of Mystic Falls they arrived at the last destination. “And this,” Damon said turning to smile at Alex “Is the Mystic Grill.”

“FOOD!” Alex said gleefully, her eyes brightening. Damon rolled his eyes and parking just outside. Alex wasted no time unbuckling her seat belt and slamming the car door behind her. Damon followed her into the dark restaurant.

Alex took a seat in one of the booths, Damon slipped into the seat opposite and smiled at her. “I’m starving!” Alex exclaimed, she picked up the menu and examined with hungry eyes. “It all looks so good.” She whined, unable to pick what to eat.

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