Chapter 2

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The goal horn blared in my ear and I was on my feet cheering. Adam had just scored his third goal of the game, and from my front-row seat I could see the ecstatic expression on his face. Hats rained down on the ice, and Dougie hopped off of the bench and hugged Adam. I grinned and looked at my friend Mimi. She had the most excited look on her face. This was her 10th Bruins game, and she really wanted a win. With the B's leading the Canadiens 4-0, she was definitely getting what she wanted. On her right was Joonas, Tuukka's younger brother. The two had been flirting all night, and they had hugged when Adam scored his third goal. She liked Joonas a lot, and I could tell that he liked her back. But, I wanted to do my friend a favor. I asked Joonas if he would come get some food with me, and he said yes. I told Mimi we would be right back.

"So, do you like Mimi?" I asked him in Finnish.

"She's pretty cool," He replied, "I think I do."

"She likes you too, I can tell," I smiled.

"Sweet. How are you and my brother? He seems so happy, happier than I have ever seen him before." Joonas told me.

"We're doing great. He's..." I couldn't find the words to describe Tuukka (literally, my Finnish was not completely fluent) I switched to English. "He's perfect, amazing, better than I could have ever imagined." I finished.

"Maybe the four of us could get dinner tomorrow night? You, me, Tuukks, and Mimi?" Joonas asked.

"Yeah, definitely." I agreed. We bought some popcorn and walked back to our seats. Just as we sat down, Soupy scored, making it 5-0. I cheered and jumped up, and looked to my right. I couldn't believe my eyes. Mimi and Joonas were kissing! I was so happy. The game went on, and Joonas had his arm around Mimi the whole time. The two of them were being really couple-y and it made me almost lonely. By the third period, Tuukka was right in front of me. If it weren't for the glass, I could have taken two steps and touched him. He made 49 saves by the end of the game, and when the final buzzer sounded he turned around and blew me a kiss. I smiled and gestured to his brother and Mimi. He laughed and skated over to his teammates. He disappeared down the tunnel only to come back out because he was one of the "Stars Of The Game." I cheered extra loud for him. We went down and waited outside of the locker room. Mimi had never met any players other than Tuukka before, and she was dying of excitement. Milan Lucic came out of the locker room first.

"Lola! How you doin'?" Looch hugged me.

"Pretty good, I want you to meet my friend Mimi." I introduced the two of them.

"N-n-n-nice to m-m-m-meet you" She squeaked. This procedure happened with every single player, and finally Tuukka came out. Freshly showered and wearing a tight white t-shirt underneath a black blazer, Tuukka looked incredible.

"Hey babe" Tuukka leaned in to kiss me.

"Hi" I replied as we broke apart. "Nice game"

"A shutout, 49 saves, and all I get is nice game?" He pouted.

"Tuukka baby, you played amazing. Seeing you out there made me want to break through that glass, pull off that helmet, and kiss you, in front of every single person at that game. The way you played inspired me to be the goalie I am today. The way you play-" He cut me off by pressing his lips to mine.

"Okay, okay, you guys have all night to be in love" Joonas said in Finnish.

"Moi!" Tuukka greeted his younger brother. "Mitten voi?" The two talked in Finnish as we walked to Tuukka's car. As he was pulling out of the parking lot, he got out and signed autographs. One little girl waved at me through my open window, and I waved back. She handed Tuukka something, and he thanked her with a smile. He shook her father's hand, and they walked away, the girl looking like she had just met Santa Claus. When Tuukka got back in the car, I rested my hand on his thigh.

"That was so sweet, with that little girl. What did she give you?" I asked.

"I think it was something from her sister, a letter? I couldn't really hear her." He answered. He pulled it out of his coat pocket and handed it to me. "Read it, will you?"

"Okay" I started to read.

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