Chapter 16.

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Bay's POV

"Please tell me you're kidding." I jumped out of bed. I stood in front of Ashton, my eyes pleading for him to tell me it was all a joke.

"Yes, Bay, I'm kidding. We ran all the way up here, interrupted your little love fest, and I'm pretty sure Michael pulled a muscle, because we're kidding. Damn it, B. They're outside and we have, maybe, 10 minutes to figure what to do with him." Ashton practically yelled as he pointed to Luke, who was now at my side.

"Who's 'they' and why can't I just leave the normal way?" Luke asked, looking completely clueless.

"It's our mother and her very muscular toy, and if she sees you, we're all screwed." Ashton explained, as I paced around the room, trying to come up with a plan to get him out of here before Medusa turns him into one of her statues.

"I've got a plan." Michael said, grabbing everyone's attention. "Ash and I will go downstairs to the kitchen and trash it, leaving a trail from the door, guiding your mother to us. When she gets to the kitchen, you should have enough time to get Luke out the back door and to his car. If you can't, head to the treehouse." He finished and looked at all of us, waiting for a response.

"Are you fucking crazy?!" Ashton yelled at him, his voice slightly breaking.

"No, he's a genius. Please Ash, please do this for me." I pleaded. I knew it would get him so much trouble, but my main focus was Luke.

"Fine." He said through gritted teeth. I wrapped him in a hug and kissed his cheek.

"I love you." I said, pushing them out the door. I turned around to face Luke and saw his face covered with confusion.

"Why are we doing this?" He stammered.

"I'll explain later." I said, as I heard things crash in the kitchen. God, she's going to kill them, I thought. I opened the door as I heard the front door open. Suddenly, the kitchen went silent. My breathing quickened and my heart raced, waiting for her voice.

"What the hell?!" She yelled. I squeezed my eyes shut. "Ashton, what is this?!" She yelled. There it was. I grabbed Luke's hand and raced down the staircase. Please let us make it, I pleaded. My hand grasped the door handle but it wouldn't turn. I cursed under my breath as my fingers fumbled with the lock.

"What was that?" I heard my mother ask, as I shoved Luke out the door, followed him, and pulled the door shut.

"Run." I told him as I ran as fast as I could to the treehouse. I hurried up the ladder, Luke right on my heels. As soon as I got inside, I laid out on the floor. Luke flopped down right next to me. I let out a giggle then, before I knew it, I was laughing so hard my side hurt. Luke propped his head up with his arm and laughed with me. "Well, that was my mother." I managed between laughs.

"She's seems lovely." He said, making me laugh harder. "So how am I supposed to get to my car?" He asked.

"Well I was thinking you could just live here forever. We could be like Peter Pan and Wendy." I laughed, playing with his shirt collar.

"To Neverland then." He jumped up and pulled me to my feet. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, lightly.

"When I get inside, run over to your car and drive as fast as you can." I said, making him laugh.

"I feel like an outlaw." He laughed, pressing his head to mine.

"Peter Pan always was." I pulled away and headed back down the ladder. When Luke's feet hit the ground, I grabbed his hand and ran to the door. We pressed our bodies against the siding.

"I'll see you later, my dearest Wendy." He whispered as he pulled my face to his and kissed me, passionately. I smiled as we pulled away and he signaled that he was ready.

"Time to face the music."


"Bay! Bay Evans! Get your ass out of bed!" My mom screamed up the stairs. I pulled my pillow over my face and mimicked suffocation.

"Just get up before you piss her off." Ashton said, on his way to the bathroom. It was Monday and I had barely texted Alissa, which means I was in for one hell of a Q and A.

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