Chapter six

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Clary's POV

After our picnic date I decided to bring Josh home with me to stay the night since his parents were seeing a doctor.

"So what movie should we watch?" I said plopping down on the couch cross-legged eating my ice-cream. "Mmmm chicken run!!" he exclaimed loudly. "Great I love that movie!!!" I said grabbing out popcorn and putting it in a bowl. We turned the movie on and cuddled up together on the couch huddled in a blanket shovelling popcorn in our mouths.

"I don't want to be chicken pie!, I don't like gravy!!!" Imitated Josh in Babs the chickens English accent. I burst out laughing and then we started a tickle fight!!

It came to the bit in the movie where Rocky and Ginger kiss on the plane and an explosion of gravy is behind them. "I love this scene" I whispered glued to the screen. "Lets make it real then" he said.We slowly were drawing in to kiss when suddenly.......

Dixie popped up behind up screaming "HELLO!!!!". I screamed and jumped up knocking the remains of popcorn over. I pointed the remote at her face. She burst into giggles chanting"YOU WERE ABOUT TO KISS! AND I SCARED CLARY,, AAAAHHHH" she said imitating my screaming at the end. Josh and I looked at each other and knew what to do.

We dragged Dixie across the carpet, her squealing in delight. We flung her on the ground and started tickling her. She squealed and wiggled and kicked and finally Josh carried her of to bed. We tucked her in and she said sleepily while josh was there. "Clary? You really love Josh don't you?" I felt a tiny bit embarrassed but said" Yeah, I do and I love you too" I kissed her on the head and started to walk out. "Wait!!"she exclaimed. "What Dixie?" I asked her. "I haven't said goodnight to Josh yet" she mumbled quietly. "Goodnight Dixie" he said kissing her. "Josh you love Clary don't you?" She asked him her eyes shining brightly. "Yeah I do" he hugged her and we left the bedroom quietly.

"She's a cutie isn't she?" I said to Josh as we walked to my bedroom. "Yeah I've always had a soft spot for kids you know" he said opening my bedroom door. "Oh Josh I laid out a mattress for you to sleep on over there" I said pointing at the mattress. "Ohh" I said glumly looking at my bed. "What?! Buddy it's not happening!"I said walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I walked back into the room in my pink singlet and black pyjama shorts to see him in no top and some pyjama shorts. I stood at the doorway my mouth hanging open gazing at his abbs. "Take a picture it lasts longer" he said posing and flexing his muscles. I smirked and tackled him to him mattress and then jumped into my bed. "Night" I said rolling over and turning the light off.

I felt Josh crawl into my bed next to me. I was going to kick him off the bed but he was clinging onto me like a baby monkey. "Josh...." I mumbled. "Clary..." he imitated me. "You love doing that don't you?" I asked him. "Yeah I do" and after that we fell asleep in each others arms.

"WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP" I opened my eyes and saw Dixie and Josh jumping on my bed like maniacs. "It's kind of hard to tell who's older here Josh or Dixie" I said aloud. "What are we doing today?" Dixie and Josh chorused. I looked at them and smirked and they both fell on the bed giggling. "We could go swimming? It's going to be hot today" I suggested. "Yeah!!!" Dixie screamed and ran off to her bedroom to find her bathers.


Josh's POV

I walked out of the bathroom and saw Dixie try to tie the back of Clary's bikini. "Can you reach it?" Clary said. "Almost...." Dixie said. "Here let me help you " I said tying the strings.

"Thanks" she whispered. She looked amazing in her bikini which was in peacock colours. "Shall we go?" Clary said. "We shall" I said grabbing her and Dixie's hand. I grabbed my car keys and we got in my green Suzuki swift.

We arrived at the pool and grabbed our tickets."Yay let's go!" we all squealed. Dixie, me and Clary all ran to the wading pools first. I splashed Clary and Dixie splashed me. "Oh your going DOWN!!" I claimed. We ran around screaming, splashing and laughing at each other. Dixie spotted the waterslide and got really excited. "Can we go on it please?" Dixie begged. Clary and I looked and each other and screamed "YES!!!".

"This little girl will need parent or older supervision to go on" The lifeguard said to us. Clary decided to go with Dixie and just as we left I hopped on the back of Them! "Josh what are you doing?" Clary said worriedly. "Having fun!" I laughed. "WEEEEEEEE" Dixie screamed.

Later in the day Dixie fell asleep on her towel In the sun, so me and Clary went in the deep water. "Today has been so fun" she said clinging on to me. "Yeah" I said leaning in and kissing Clary passionately on the lips.

"I love you Clary" I said to her. "I love you too Josh" she whispered and them kissed me.



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