The Balcony Scene <3

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A/N- Wow, haven't updated in 2 days. Well, let me update you with this lovely story.

*Pierce The Veil has finally landed in Paris.*

[Mike's pov]

As I heard the flight attendant say "The plane has now landed. Welcome to Paris." I jumped up and shook Tony who was sleeping next to me. "Hmm?" Tony mumbled, stirring in his sleep. "We're in Paris!" I yelled excitedly. Tony jumped up "Really? Finally! Now we can go to a Hotel and do some shopping and other stuff." He smiled. I shook my head. I knew exactly what I was going to do as soon as we settled in our hotel. Tony and I stood up out of seats and got ready to exit the plane. I turned around to see Jaime and Vic standing behind us smiling. I could still tell Vic was concerned about Jaime's 'Big secret' that he was keeping from everyone. 

We got off the plane and rushed to a car that had a sign on it that read "Pierce The Veil." on it. We all piled in the car and drove to our hotel to get our rooms. Tony and I were going to share a room while Jaime and Vic were going to share another room. With what I was planning to do it may be hard because I had to share a room with Tony but I knew I could pull it off. We arrived at the hotel and I hopped out and picked up my wonderful boyfriend and carried him inside the building, running to the elevator still holding him in my arms. 

"Mike! What are you doing?" Tony laughed as I ran out of the stopped elevator carrying him. I didn't say a word, I just smiled. I flung open our hotel room's door and dropped Tony on the bed. "Damn Turtle, what have you been eating?" I playfully asked. "Hah, shut the fuck up Whiskey handz!" Tony giggled while throwing a pillow at my face. "Ohhh, it's on now!" I yelled as I jumped on top of Tony and started to wrestle him. I sat on top of Tony and started to yell, "I win bitches!" I looked down at Tony's face, "Yeah, now get up fat ass!" His laughter was cute and I couldn't resist but to kiss him. When I pulled away I looked him in the eyes as if I were going to say something meaningful, but instead I blurted out "Not until you say 'Mike Fuentes is the best fucking person alive and I am stunned by his sexiness'." Tony rolled his eyes, "I am will never say that!" He stated. "Mmm then I guess I'll just stay here." I said in a cozy tone. I then had an evil grin appear across my face as I started bouncing up an down while I was still sitting on Tony. "Ughh..Mike!! Stoooppppp." Tony said trying to catch his breath. "Don't stop? Okay I won't!" I yelled laughing.

"Hey Mike I was just wondering if-- Oh god!!" Vic said shielding his eyes. 

I stopped and looked down at Tony, we started laughing harder than ever. "Vic..I...We weren't.." Tony couldn't even finish his sentence because laughter kept interrupting him. 

"Yeah okay..I'll just leave you two here." Vic said awkwardly while he backed out of the room still shielding his eyes.

I looked down at Tony and brushed his hair out of his face, "I'm going to go take a shower. I'll be back." I whispered in his ear. He shook his head and smiled. I made my way to the bathroom and undressed myself and waited until the shower was just the right temperature before jumping in. I washed myself up and dried myself off once I got out. I took my phone off of the bathroom counter and checked the time. 'Ehh it's only 4:00Pm' I thought to myself. I dressed in black skinny jeans and one of Tony's shirts. It smelled like him which was incredible. I brushed my hair, put on some deodorant and walked out of the bathroom door. "Tony, I have to go to the store. I'll be back. I love you." I told him as I kissed his cheek. "Can I go with you?" He asked. Dammit! I would let him go with me but I couldn't let him see what I was going to buy him! I had to come up with something that would stop him from wanting to come. "I would let you but I need you to get ready." I said, I mean I wouldn't totally blow the secret off. Tony gave me a questionable look. "Get read for what?" He asked me. I looked at my shoes and then back up at him. "It's a surprise Tony." I whispered. He shook his head and kissed me as he ran to the bathroom for his shower. "Okay, see you later handsome!" I yelled and walked out the door. I pulled out my phone and dialed Vic's number frantically. 

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