Discipline Me: A student/teacher love story

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My summer was exatly the greatest this year. Where do I even begin..oh, well my boyfriend of three years and I broke up because he moved to a different country, my parents divorced, and to top it off I was stuck working most of the time. I quit my job at this small music store called Radio Go Go, and trust me it sucked. My boss was a fucking bitch and my co-workers were ass kissers. Enough about my crappy summer, now I can look forward to my last crappy school year, at least I'm a Senior. I can't wait to graduate and get out of this shitty place.

Last night I barely got any sleep, too busy thinking about school. I'm not exctly popular and I only have a couple friends, basically I'm invisible. Bursting with joy(totally not sarcastic at all) I drag myself out of bed and get a quick, hot shower. When I get out I change into a big black hoodie and dark gray sweats with my hightops. My hair is tossed into a ponytail and I quicly draw on some eyeliner. Simple, I liked it. I wasn't one of those girls who get all dressed up and show off their new things. Relucatantly I dig my bookbag out from a pile of dirty close and leave my bedroom. I look back and my door smothered in posters and drawing sand sigh. My room is my safe heaven, where I go to escape the world and everyone it in.

Quiet not to wake my mother up I head into the kitchen and grab a bowl and pout myself some ceral and milk. After slurping my breakfast down I dump my dishes in the sink and head outside to wait for the bus. Would you believe me if I said I'm seventeen and don't have my license? Well, I don't. I just don't feel like getting it. Guess that's my laziness kicking in. Boredly I wait for the yellow eyesore to appear, when it does I am less than happy to take my seat in the front. "Cheer up, it's out last year." Danielle - my closest friend- says with a smile on her face.

I look her up and down and snort. She's all dressed up and has her hair done, her usual brown hair now blond. "You dyed your hair...for school? Seems like a waste of money to me."

"Not just for school." she laughed, "I just got sick of my hair color."

"If you say so." I yawn twirling a loose strand of of dark brown hair, green eyes boring into the green leather bus seats. Crude words and sketches drawn on it. My attention retuns to Danielle who is jamming out to her pink I-pod. Annoyed, tired and just angry I pull my hood down and kick back hoping to get a few z's in. An unknown amount of time later I'm jarred awake from the bus slamming to a stop. Hitting my head I hiss and swear at the passing people. What a fabulous way to begin the year. "Need some help?" Marry laughed extending a hand, "Oh you are soo funny Danielle! Have you ever though about becoming a comedian?"I hissed. "Yea."

I sulked into school and followed Danielle to her locker. "Hey baby! Crank ass, what's got you pissed of today?" Josh -Danielle's boyfriend- laughed wrapping his arms around her waiste.

"Life." I growled, I would never admit but I felt awkward, if Jayce was still here it'd be different. I was a somebody when i was with him. "Don't be sad Alexis, I have a feeling this years going to be great for the both of us and you might even find someone like Jayce."

"Doubt it." Jayce and I had been friends years before we even got together, He was practically my other half, we were inseperable. We were happy together but some people just couldn't stand it. Those people being Jayce's parents, they couldn't stand me. I wasn't the type of girl they wanted their son to be with. Fuck them and fuck him too. Fuck everyone! I don't need anbody but me, myself and I. "Alex are you alright? You're zoning out. You are thinking about him again aren't you?"

"No." I sighed, it's my problem not hers.

I know Danielle just wants to help and there are times I want to break down and tell her everyhing but I hold it inside. Why make my problems someone elses? "Josh and I are going to Club Spice tonight, you in? You might meet someone."

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