Chapter 18

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As im in my way to visit my Well un just gong to call her mom ( an o instead of a u) I think about what I'm gonna say. What's gonna happen but I dismiss my thoughts with another one. It wasn't going to be awkward at all because even though she's not my real mother she raised me and I've lived with her most of my life. I miss her a bit too. I'm so lost in my own thoughts that I almost miss the turn. I park in the car park of the town jail and walk through the gates. My surroundings aren't as sad as I thought they would be. The walls are all painted white. The gates are black. There are guards circling around the place at all times. I step into the police office and ask to talk to my mom. I show the lady my identification. Ah leads me to where they let the people in prison talk to their visitors. I don't know what it's called. I sit down as she tells me my mom will come in a few seconds. After about 30 seconds a guard comes with my mom behind him. She smiles when she sees me. I smile back. She sits down and looks me in the eyes. "Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. Thank you so much for coming to visit. ", She says. "Of course I'm visiting you. I miss you and thank you mom. ", I reply. We talk about everything that's happened and all the things on our minds. It was great seeing my mom again. We talked and talked until visiting hours were over. We said our goodbyes and I walked out of that place with the biggest smile on my face. I walk to my car and get in. I start the ignition and its not long before I'm on our driveway and turning off the ignition once again. I get out and walk through the door. Almost everyone has gone to bed but Harry, Liam, and Niall. I make small talk with them for a while and head to bed considering I'm exhausted. I quickly shower and hop into my bed. I fall asleep almost instantly.

*about four hours later*

I wake up when I hear a noise. I look at my clock. It's three in the morning! Who would be up at this hour? My mind as always hopes for the best but expects the worst as I quietly walk down the stairs. I get to the bottom of the stairs when I see a shadow. The shadow is sitting on the sofa watching tv. The tv lights up the room for a minute and I can see the mystery person for the first time. It was Louis. I let out a huge sigh of relief. He turns around and says: "Jade? what are you doing up at this hour?" "I could say the same thing about you. You scared me for a minute there. ", I reply. "Couldn't sleep. Too many things on my mind. You?", he says. "I heard a noise and went to see if everything was okay. ", I simply answer. "Oh yeah, I might have dropped the remote and it hit the floor really loud. Sorry for waking you. ", He says. "It's okay, so do you wanna talk about your problem?", I ask. "How do you know it's a problem?", he asks. "Well it's obviously bugging you a lot if you're up at this hour thinking about it. ", I say. "Well it's not that big of a deal. It's just that... have you ever really liked someone but think that they would never feel the same about you?", He asks. I just nod. It's exactly what I fell about you. I wanna say it but well you know the reason why. It's obvious he likes another girl if he's thinking about her at this time and so much. She is so lucky. He notices me in deep thought and says: "Hey, you okay. I'm sorry If I said anything wrong or..."Don't worry about it. It's okay. ", I says. I look back up at him. He's already looking at me. "Alright, but whenever you wanna talk about it. I'm here. ", He say. He smiles. "So Jade, what's your favorite color?", he asks. "What?", I say chuckling a bit, "why do you wanna know?" "just tell me.", he says chuckling. "Blue", I answer. He nods. "What's yours?", I ask. "Red.", he says. After that we just stayed silent enjoying each other's company and watching FRIENDS. We laughed from time to time. It was just natural. About three episodes later we were both almost asleep. My head on Louis' lap, his arm on my waist. Both our eyes shutting. A yawn escaped my mouth. I looked up at Louis doing the same. He looked down at me. "What?", he asks smiling sleepily. I chuckled a bit. "Nothing, just sleepy.", I say. "You want me to carry you to bed?", he asks. "That's sweet. Thanks Lou. ",I say. I sit up and let him stand up. He puts a hand under the back of my waist and the other one under my back. He lifts me up. I nozzle my head into his chest. He smells nice. Like cinnamon, maybe? I feel as he goes up the stairs and as his chest slowly rises and falls as he breathes. H gets to my door and I tech my hand out to open it. He puts me to bed and spreads a blanket under my body. I smile. "Thanks Lou. For carrying me and the nice talk. ", I say. "You're welcome, Love. It was nice talking to you too. ", He says. He bends and kisses my forehead. His lips lingering a bit. I smile and blush hoping he doesn't see it. He does though. He smiles and says: "Goodnight, Love. " He smiles and yawns. "Goodnight, Lou. ", I say back sitting up a bit and giving him a kiss on the cheek. He blushes a bit. He then opens the door and gets out closing it behind him. A big grin makes its way onto my face. I close my eyes ready to slip into a quiet dreamless sleep.

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