Chapter 22- Imprisoned By The One I'm Supposed To Trust

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Chapter 22

His soldiers still had their guns on me and I didn't want to move. I snuck a small glance at Seamus honestly I almost pissed myself from the look he was giving me. I know I should have felt remorse or something but I didn't I did not regret my decision. Seamus walked over to one of the civilians vehicles and ripped the door open a family with 2 little girls. and a guy in a truck as well as many soldiers. me? I blamed him for all of this he should have just let me go was that too much to ask? for all I knew he was lying about that terrorist group. I looked back to Seamus and the look on his face I knew would be burned into my mind forever.

"WHY? why did you do this? because of your fucking stupidity innocent lives were taken and they didn't need to be killed!" oh shit he was absolutely pissed. I decided to tell him exactly why this happened.

"But you-"

"NO! whatever your fucking reason is I don't care." he cut me off effectively I hate being yelled at I really do but I just couldn't care less right now sure he was beyond pissed off at this point but I'm sure he'll get over it. the soldiers still had their guns aimed at me I started wondering if he was going to kill me I almost laughed. Go through all this and then shoot me. I would run considering I had my casts removed before I ran off from the hospital but I wasn't taking the chance of actually being shot.

"Take her to the prison I don't want to see her right now." My blood ran cold I swear my heart stopped beating for a moment he was taking me back there? or to his own? but why why did he want to hurt me did he? yes he does. the voice my dark side spoke through he's just like them don't you see? your going to be hurt all over again without a rescue. I felt myself being picked up and then thrown on the ground. that kind of hurt I definitely should have ran. my hands were cuffed my body was there but not my mind all I saw was my cell being chained to the wall. the whir of helicopter blades brought me out of it and I saw it land I was picked up and brought on to it.

We finally arrived after the copter landed I was picked up again and carried inside the prison ugh I am so tempted to kick one of these guys in the balls. they carried me for a while I looked and saw empty cells one had cobwebs and skeletons In one and also many others I shuddered that was going to be me I thought. after a while we came to some live people the one on the right was empty 

But the one after that I saw the general and on the left the officer I gave a small smile at him at least I could trust him. I was thrown in the cell and they locked it.

"Bastards." I muttered under my breath the general gave me a look of surprise.

"What did you do? I thought you were on his side."

"I was but I got in a high speed chase killing a lot of people and then ran both of us off a bridge." I said in a clipped voice.

"I see your healed." the general said I flipped him off and turned my attention to the officer.

"Luna I thought you had died in our prison."  he said for once his brown eyes were soft instead of guarded.

"i'm one hard person to kill." I said back so how long have you been here?"

"Not long only about a day but its better cus your here." he said with a smile and then his face grew serious. "Luna?"

"Yes?" I answered back his seriousness surprised me.

"I'm probably not gonna make it out but remember that day you sang?" he asked carefully.

I took a deep but shaky breath. "I do" I said softly remembering he was in the room when I had done it. singing was how I could unwind and get out of the world for a bit.

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