I’m sitting at the dining room table in the house my so called husband and I share. He’s suppose to be at Roc’s house but instead, he’s somewhere with a dancer. I’m sipping champagne just waiting on him to come home to me. Not another day can I stay at home all by myself waiting on him. I hear the door of his black convertible Camaro slam shut. I look through the blinds and see him walking up to the door.

He unlocks the door and walks in. It’s dark, so he doesn’t notice me sitting at the table. When he turns on the light, he slightly jumps and says “Babe, you scared me”. I say nothing and continue to sip my champagne. He looks at me and smile. I look back at him and roll my eyes. He looks at me crazy and says “What’s wrong with you?"

I almost choke on my champagne after what I just heard. I stand up, walk to him, and look him in the eyes and say “What the hell do you mean what’s wrong with me?! What wrong with you! Prod, you just going around town letting a female dance on you when you have a loving wife at home who cares for you!” “Akira, what are you talking about?” “Prod, stop acting like you don’t know what I’m talking about.” “Look, I’m tired. I’m not in the mood for this bullshit.” “Oh, so now what I say is just bullshit and nothing I say matters?!?!”

Prod sighs and takes his shirt off and throws it in the hamper. I pick it up out of the hamper and smell it. It’s another woman’s scent. I put it back in the hamper and say “Who was it.” He said “What the hell are you talking about?! Every time I come home late, you accuse me of cheating all the fucking time” He says yelling, in my face. I push him and say, “Prod, I just smelled your shirt, it’s not my scent. I wear Vanilla Scented perfume and you know that!”

“Akira, for the last time, I’m not cheating on you. If I was cheating on you, would you think I’d come home! I told you I was over Roc’s house helping him pack up for a vacation and his mom came over to cook for us and when I was getting ready to leave, she hugged me goodbye!” I sighed and walked to the side of his bed, held his face, and looked into his eyes.

“Prod, baby, I just don’t want to lose you. Babe, you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I don’t know what I would do without you.” He looked at me and said “Akira, I just can’t believe you thought I was cheating on you. I thought we were better than that.” I sighed heavily, got up and stripped to get in the shower and closed the door behind me. Prod stood up and started stripping to get in with me. He opened the door to see I was already in the shower. He opened the curtains and got in. I turned my back to him and he pressed himself against me. I rolled my eyes to the back of my head because he felt so good against me.

Every time he was horny, he always does this. He gently pulled my hair and whispered in my ear and said, “I believe someone owes me an apology” He sounded so seductive and aggressive. I said “Sorry” but he shushed me and said “Not with words” I looked at him and smiled. He carried me out of the shower and laid me on the bed. He dried both of us off then sat down. “Get on your knees” He said demandingly. I walked to him and got on my knees. He leaned down to me and sloppy kissed me.

He leaned back in the chair and grabbed my head and put his dick in my mouth. He guided my head the whole time; making me deep throat and I had no gag reflex. He loved it when I deep throated. He put his head back and grunted and made me go faster; still in deep throat position. “Oh shit, god damnit babe” He went faster and faster every second; constantly cumming in my mouth. When he was done, he got up and grabbed me by my arm and walked me to the bed.

He put me in his favorite position, doggy style. He said, “Face down, ass up Akira! Don’t act like we ain’t been doing this before.” He slapped my ass and I hissed. He, then, pinched my clit and bent down to eat me out. He was doing all kinds of stuff, from slurping to biting and from rubbing to teasing and much more. Anything you could think of, he wouldn’t miss out. I got short of breath when I felt his warm, plump fingers insert me. He arched my back and went back to work. I yelled out, “Prod, oh my god baby, that’s enough!” I finally climaxed and he looked up at me and smirked. I got hornier by the minute just by looking at every inch of his face. He was so fine. I got up and wiped my leftover cum off of his chin and let him suck on my finger.

He pushed all the stuff off of my dresser and picked me up to set me on top of it. He grabbed my leg, put it on top of his shoulder, and kissed my inner thigh, which drove me crazy. He knew I loved when he kissed any part of my body. I barely could control myself when he even touches me, then this nigga gone put his juicy, sexy lips on me!? Don’t make me jump, boy. ;) Anyways, he started to tease me by flicking his huge dick on my other set of “lips” and hit it right on my clit. “Oh, fuck. Stop playing, Craig!” I hit his shoulder. He smirked, and then slammed into me with no hesitation.

He caught me off guard so bad! He was fucking the shit outta me! He was making the dresser drawers pop out of place. Nothing but moans, groans, steam and sweat filled the room. It was so amazing. “What’s my name.” He had his lips right on my ear, breathing real hard. He turned me on even more. “Prodi-ahhhh shitttttt!!!!!” “What”, he said. “Prodigy, oh baby!” “That ain’t on my birth certificate!” He slapped my ass. I dug my nails deep into his skin. “Ima ask you ONE MORE FUCKING TIME!!” Before he could finish the rest of his sentence, I screamed, “CRAIG CRIPPEN!!!!”

He smiled and bit my neck and said, “That’s that shit I like to hear.” “Baby, Ima cum!!!” “Cum for daddy, babe” I came all over his dick. He then took me off the dresser and placed my feet on the floor. I almost fell because I couldn’t get myself together. He chuckled and carried me to the bed and tucked me in and got in the bed beside me and drifted his arm around my waist. He kissed the back of my neck. “Goodnight, babe” “Goodnight, Prod.” God, I love this man.♥

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