Naruto: Uchiha Chonicles IX

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Uchiha Chronicles

Episode IX

Kenra makes his way towards the base and hears the base alarm going off. He rushes to the mission room and meets up with Akane.

Kenra: Did they come though the pass?

Akane: Not without setting off the trap you guys made. I'm assuming the sharp crystals coming out of the walls and ground of the canyon was you guys?

Kenra: Yeah, I see that some of them are still pressing through the pass. There's at least a hundred men down there. We'll be overran in minutes unless we engage them now.

Akane: How?

Kenra: You got cannons?

Akane: Very little.

Kenra: K, use that. I'll get on the field.

Akane: Doing what?

Kenra: Just trust me.

Kenra dashes off to field while making three shadow clone. Cannon fire is upon the rebels so they bring out there earth jutsu ninja to block the cannon fire. The rebels are somewhat being slowed down which is enough time for Kenra. He summons a giant Crow and he gets on its back. They fly up and are over the rebels heads. The clones are taking paper bombs from the field that didn't go off and are throwing them in different sections of the field. The rebels over take the clones and the paper bombs are on the ground.

Kenra: D---it! I need to get down there Fen.

Fen (The Giant Bird): Are you crazy? You'll get killed!

Kenra: Put me down there now!

Kenra summons his crow blades then whistles and the flock of crows from before come back and fly around Kenra. He jumps off of Fen and the crows follow him down to the battle field. Back at the tunnel; Riyuko and Yazu are very still as Miaki, who is transformed (not physically) into a monster, fights the five tails jinchuriki (who is at tail three). The two titans are destroying anything and anyone in their way.

Riyuko: What's happened to her? Should we try to snap her out of it.

Yazu: Don't go near her! If you stay too close for too long, you'll be crystallize. She's got like this last time I fought her.

Riyuko: That's how you got those injuries? Shit, we got two problems to deal with.

The two behemoths are still going at it in the forest.

Yazu: We're not doing anything. You're going to the base for Kenra.

Riyuko: What?

Yazu: The situation has changed. This I can handle myself now.

Riyuko: What the hell are you talking about, sensei?!

Yazu: Miaki might not be a definite ally right now but she's helping by keeping him busy. I can avoid her and keep him off balance for a while. Go help Kenra at the field, now.

Riyuko: (sighs) Right. Be careful, sir.

Riyuko rushes off to help Kenra, leaving Yazu with the two "monsters".

Yazu: K, bring it.

Yazu's hands have chakra molded around them and they're shaped into Ogre heads.

Yazu: Meet my monsters. Gentle Fist: Twin Ogre Fist!

Yazu charges towards Aikiba and attacks him with his technique, forcing Aikiba back towards the tunnel area. Miaki has her attention on Yazu right now and is attacking him with intense savagery. He uses Rotation to fend her off and he dashes back to the tunnel opening. Aikiba is behind Yazu and slashes his back with his claws. Miaki enters the fray and hits a distracted Aikiba into the tunnel and they're battling in it. Yazu gathers his bearings and makes his way within the tunnel. He sees that crystal is starting to build up in the tunnel and around Aikiba. Yazu Wind Palms Aikiba back further into the tunnel and does the same to Miaki. The both of them give him attention and charge at him with kill intent. Yazu uses Rotation and sends them back again. He rushes Aikiba with Eight Trigrams: Sixty four Palms, which is knocking him off balance and has him up against the wall. Miaki tackles Yazu and crystal forms on his shoulder.

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