Chapter 18

                When Isaac and his date walked into the diner and sat on the opposite side of the diner, in a section that I wasn’t covering for the night I was relieved. However, when Lillian, their waitress asked if I could take their drinks because she was a bit busy, I wanted to stab myself.

                I hadn’t spoken to Isaac since the day I saw him at first with the blonde he was having dinner with tonight. So the moment I walked towards their table and mumbled the simple words ‘here are your drinks’ I felt Isaac’s stare hot on the side of my face as I placed a sweet tea in front of the blonde and a Dr. Pepper in front of Isaac.

                “Thanks,” the girl said as she fixed her drink and paper napkin.

                “No problem,” I mumbled before I turned to walk away. All the while, I felt Isaac’s stare linger on me and in that moment something deep within me knew that tonight was only about to get worse.


                When my shift at Marty’s was over and the taxi cab pulled up in front of my apartment building I wasn’t expected to see Grey sitting on the stairs. Dealing with Grey was the last thing I wanted to do. In fact, all I wanted to do was go up to my apartment, take a shower and fall asleep. It had been a long, tiring day and the fact that I had seen Isaac with his new girlfriend hadn’t been all that great for me.

                Sure Isaac and I had never dated but we were on a different level, a higher level than just friends. For a year he and I had been on an intimate level, one that I only shared with him while he shared intimacy with I how many others, I did not know. Seeing Isaac with the same girl twice came as a surprise to me and that was how I knew that whoever she was, she must be pretty special so that Isaac would take her out more than once.

                Isaac hardly ever dated. In fact, I had never seen him with anyone more than once.

                But although it was crazy to see Isaac with the same girl twice, it was crazier to see Grey sitting on my staircase with a dozen white roses sitting on his lap.

                I slid out of the cab and hitched my bag higher up my shoulder as I slammed the door shut and stepped onto the sidewalk. Grey looked up, his eyes meeting mine in the dark.

                “Hey,” he said as he straightened up and pushed himself up onto his feet.

                “Hi,” I replied curtly. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with Grey. It was the last thing I wanted to do today. On any other day I would happily take up talking with Grey, but at the moment I just wanted to go up to my apartment and forget today’s events.

                Today sucked and I wasn’t in the mood for anything other than a strong drink and a bubble bath.

                “I had a feeling you were still at work,” he said as he held the white roses in his right hand at his side.

                “Why are you here?” I asked him as I shoved my hands deep into my pockets.

                Grey sighed and took the two steps down onto the sidewalk. “Can we talk up in your apartment?” he asked. “It’s late and it’s starting to snow.” He added as he looked up at the dark night sky.

                It was late and it was starting to snow.

                “Sure,” I responded as I passed him and took the stairs two at a time.


                Ever walked in on something you wished you’d never saw? Like your parents sucking face in the kitchen, or your brother hooking up with a girl, or your best friend changing and accidently seeing something that wasn’t supposed to be seen?

                We all have.

                I was a victim of walking into my brother’s room to ask him a question only to find him getting lucky with a girl. I was also a victim of walking into my best friend’s room and catching her taking off her top and seeing the sisters. Sure both of those times I was to blame for not knocking but believe me when I said I learnt my lesson.

                But I never thought I’d need to knock at my own apartment door to be able to walk into my own home. However, the moment Grey and I walked into my apartment we came to a sudden halt as we took in what stood in the middle of my own living room.

                Luke, my best friend’s boyfriend, stood in the area between the kitchen and living room shirtless. His broad and toned chest was on a full display while a pair of red boxers with pink hearts covered his lower half along with a pair of matching socks that reached mid-calf.

                However, his half nakedness and his awkward choice of clothing was only half of what stopped me in my tracks. With a can of whipped cream in his right hand and a bag of red cherries in his left, I stared frozen at the sight of whipped cream spiraled around both of his nipples.

                “What the fuck?” I snapped as I dropped my bag onto the floor.

                Most people caught in this position would quickly run to cover up or start stuttering like an idiot to come up with an excuse but the idiot before me smirked, he smirked.

                “Hey blonde!” he called out raising the bag of cherries in the air!

                Blonde, I hated the bloody nickname he came up with months back. “What the fuck are you doing?!” I yelled out waving my arms around myself. “What are you doing here?!”

                “If this is a bad time…” Grey added behind me in an awkward tone. I glanced back and noticed a hard look on his face as he stared at Luke.

                “It’s not,” I told him before I turned back to face Luke. “Where the hell is Savannah?”

                And in that moment, the she devil herself walked in. My best friend strolled in. A baby blue button up Polo- who I assumed belonged to the shirtless asshole whom was covered in whoop cream- covered her petite body. Her brown hair was a wild mane and her make-up was a bit smudged around her eyes. A cheeky grin was plastered on her face until she turned her head and caught sight of me standing in the doorway, jaw practically on the floor with Grey standing behind me.

                “Holland!” she gasped and quickly reached for a cushion on the couch to cover herself up. I rolled my eyes and crossed my hands over my chest. “W-when did you get home?”

                “Just now,” I replied emotionlessly.

                Sav bit her bottom lip and smiled sheepishly, “Happy Valentine’s Day best friend.”

                Luke, the ignorant bastard, laughed. He laughed. “I told you we should have put the sock on the doorknob.” He said, his comment aimed at Savannah.

                I closed my eyes and shook my head. Yeah I defiantly wished I never walked in on this. I really fucking hated Valentine’s Day.

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