Epilogue (Final - REAL ENDING -)

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This is the real ending guys... enjoy! :)


"Eren!!" Eren simply opened his eyes and saw Levi in front of him as he kneeled down the grass. "Wake up..."


"You're okay now..." He says and stood up, still wearing the smile on his face. 

Realizing that, Eren enthusiastically stood up. He was about to trip however, Levi caught him. "Be careful, Eren. You should take care of yourself from now on."

"You're here with me from now on, right?"

Levi simply shook his head. "I'm sorry Eren..."

"What?" Eren's eyes simply enlarged. What's he saying? Didn't he promise him that they'd be together until their very last days?

Eren saw Levi turn his back completely and walked away. Eren attempted to chase him. Eren was running. But no matter how fast he ran, he did not manage to reach him. Levi was going farther and farther away from him.

Eren immediately shot his eyes open, because he knew that was some sort of nightmare. Levi leaving him was something he could not ever accept. "God... that wouldn't happen right?" He uttered under his nose. Surely, when Levi comes back, Eren would definitely tell him about this ridiculous dream.

"Oh, you're awake Eren?" Eren turned his head towards the door and saw his cardiologist.

"Oh! Doc..." He ended his statement with a depressed tone. "How long was I asleep?"

"You've been asleep for two weeks, and also, the operation was declared as successful. How are you feeling?" Eren thought about his question. Of course, he woke up with a different feeling. Calm, and relaxed. There are injections attacked to him, and there, a beeping machine stays beside Eren, beeping with what it sounds like every beat of his heart. Eren simply puts his hand over his bare chest, running his hand over the stitches. He took a moment to look for the pain he had endured, and surprisingly he can’t feel the pain anymore. It was now calm… it was now beating properly… Of course, as he was enjoying the feeling, Mikasa and Armin entered the room. Mikasa simply ran to Eren and then hugged him so tight.

"So, your friends came to visit you, eh?" Erwin stated with a smile. 'I'll give you guys some space for a while, then I'll come back."

Eren simply nodded, and then hugged Mikasa back. "Hey... how are you guys?" Eren asked.

Armin shrugged as he wore a smile. "Well, I'm fine, but Mikasa was dead worried about you."

Eren simply looked at Mikasa, and he noticed that she was breathing heavily. “Eren…” She cried… “Are you feeling okay now??” She asked. “Do you still feel pain?”

Eren shook his head. “I don’t. I think… you can say that I feel… normal… Don't cry. I'm alive right?”

She smiled, and hugged him tightly. “I’m so happy for you.” Of course, even Eren was. He can’t express the joy he has in his heart right now. He thought of the donor again, the kind hearted donor… and wanted to ask Erwin about it. Of course, he’ll ask it when he comes in. First, he has to talk to Armin and Mikasa.

A few hours passed, Mikasa and Armin left because they had to do something. Of course, Eren was excited to come back to school, taking the subjects he couldn’t take due to his sickness. He was alone in the room again, also, eager to see Levi. What was he doing? What was his friend doing right now? That’s what he thought. Of course, he said that he’d be off for a week, and surely, he would come back later on. As Eren waited, someone opened the door. He lifted his head to see who it was, and it was Erwin.

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