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I woke up in my bed, laying beside me was the love if my life. I love him more than anything and I know he does too. Our life is prefect. It's like we're made for each other. We never fight, If we do, we find a solution together.

I turn over to face him. He's so peaceful while sleeping, I wish he could alway stay peaceful. He is just so beautiful and I can't help but touch his hair that scattered on his forehead.

"Good morning babe"

He reached over and kissed me.

"Good morning" I replied back

We both stayed in bed since it was Saturday and had no work. We talked for a while until he asked me to make breakfast. I agreed, went to use the washroom, and then went downstairs.

He came downstairs, after he showered and was only wearing his washed out blue jeans. He came straight to me and looked me in the eye and did the most unexpected thing

He slapped me. Hard.

The force from the slapped made me fall to the ground. He came towards me, pulled me by my hair and said "not anymore bitch"

That's where it all started.....

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