Part 1

Kelsey's POV

I'm Kelsey Maxwell, I'm 19, and I have long, naturally highlighted brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, olive skin, and obvious curves. I used to be a pretty 'famous' dancer when I was younger, but gave it up when my Mom, Reese, died. I'd also say I'm a badass. "This shit is stupid" I spoke to myself "That 'shit' there will help you overcome your anger" responded Renee, my therapist I groaned My Father, Evan, decided it would be a good idea to hire Renee since I'm supposedly mad at my Mother for leaving me at the young age of 10. By leaving I mean dying in a house fire. I have no siblings, have cut out everything and anything that made me happy in life, and don't believe in true love. I wrote down quickly "I'm done can I go now?" "Did you write what you feel?" I roll my eyes I FEEL like punching a fucking wall! I got up off her couch and tossed the journal on her desk leaving the room "Goodbye!" she shouted down the hall to me I scoffed Little does she know, I'm never coming back here. I slammed the office door and started walking home. My Dad has the car right now so I get the honor of having to walk five miles home. I guess this is what I get for taking a year off after high school, I'm almost able to go to college and get out of this god forsaken place, as soon as I get 1,000 dollars, which is going to be near impossible!

*Next day*

I woke up and started my daily routine of putting my contacts in and getting dressed. I walked downstairs to see my Dad reading the paper calmly at the kitchen table "Don't you have work today?" "Day off, we need to go to the store" "Let's get this over with" he nodded finishing the paper whilst I grabbed a protein bar out of the cupboard and we left. The car ride was short and peacefully silent until he tried making conversation "So how much more money until you can go to college?" he asked keeping his eyes on the road "1,000" "How are you going to earn it?" "None of your business" he sighed He's been trying to get through to me for years, but I won't have it. We finally arrived at the store and he handed me half of the shopping list. We split up and searched for the items I looked at the list: Pasta, tomato sauce...I headed to the pasta isle and started searching for pasta. I found it, but it's on the lower shelves so I have to crouch down and right at that moment I get hit in the head with something heavy, I'm knocked down; now sitting on the floor with a huge migraine "Are you okay?" I hear and groan angrily "Fine" I grunted and stood up "Are you sure? The can was on the top shelf, looks like it hurt" he said persistently "I'm fine" I repeated "I'm Liam" "I'm pissed" I replied sarcastically and walked away 

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