Fantastic Wonders

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When I awoke once again, I was greeted by another man that didn't seem too familiar at the present time being. "Good! You are awake!"

"Like I haven't heard that before"



"Okay, hold on. Let me get Rose."

Did I hear what I think he just said?!? Rose... as in Rose Tyler? As in THE Rose Tyler?!

"ROSE!! Zoey is awake now!"

"Goodness! She has been asleep for an hour or two! I am on my way down right now!" I heard her footsteps rushing down the TARDIS stairs from a bedroom. "Sorry it took so long, had to change my clothes because of that monster I had blasted! It was filled with dust and I looked like I just gotten done making-"


"... no... More like pies or cakes."

(WOAH! Sorry Clara Oswin Oswald reference there!! I apologize! Do read on!!)

"Hm, where to now?"

"Can we go to Paris? I just love paris! Or Venice! Any year would be fine."


I was happy but felt dizzy and more confused than when I was with Donna... Wait, whose Donna? I have no idea.

     I stayed mainly close to Rose. Because she is Rose Tyler how could you NOT stay away from her?!

  When we landed Rose was the first one out. Then the Doctor, with me tagging along behind. It was snowing outside. Figures. Rose took a few steps to examine her surroundings then she spun around in a circle playing in the snow. I and the Doctor were laughing at her happiness. He was telling me what all had happened 'when I was out' so to say like the Doctor did.

"Rose HAD to visit Rickey-"

"Mickey" I corrected

"Mickey" he mocked

I laughed and lightly leaned my head against his shoulder.

"When we found MICKEY and Jackie, an alien was in there house so Rose destroyed it, like she told you."


"... I have to say that you look different... Did you do your hair or something?"

"No not at all" I ran inside the TARDIS to the nearest bathroom and looked at myslef in the mirror. My eyes widened.

   "What's going on with Zoey?" asked Rose as they walked in. "I don't know" he replied. I DID look different. Different hair, different eyes, different facial structure. EVERYTHING!! Except my height, it was the same. Sadly. But what happened? ' Maybe you regenerated!' I thought. This brought a smile to my face. " What is it Zoey?" The Doctor asked me. I turned to him "Have I always looked like this?"   "Yeah, pretty much, you looked like that whenever I met you a year ago. Why?" He looked at me like I had something on my face. He placed his hand on my cheek and looked into my eyes. I felt sick. It was like he was reading my mind and scanning me. I was about to pass out when he stopped. Rose helped me gain my balance and she out her arm around me protectively. I once again felt safe. "Doctor? What happened to your hair? You got a hair cut?" His eyes widened at my question. He placed his hand atop of his hair. "No! I didn't and wouldn't change it a bit!" he yelled. Rose looked down upon me. "Honey are you feeling okay? You are running a temperature!" "I'm fine!" "Are you sure? Because you are shaking and sweating"  'Not again' I thought. The Doctor held my hand and slung his arm around me and helped me to a room in the TARDIS. Rose did the same.

   He allowed me to crawl into the bed, Rose crawled in after me. The Doctor crawled on the other side and laid down. Rose was cuddling me protectively and fell asleep. "She has had a long day I take it?" "Yeah, she has." "Doctor?" "Yes?" "Will I be fine?" "I am pretty sure that you will... But I am worried for your safety and health." "Okay, I was just wondering." He smiled and slung his arm around myself and Rose. We all three were asleep....

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