The Way it is .....The Beginning

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My name is Paige Hamilton and Im going to tell you a little about my life  I am 17 yrs old and when I was 13 yrs old my mom died from a car crash. Every since then my dad has been a total nightmare he beats me, rapes me and more I have no sibblings and I work at Starbucks.

I have brunette hair that comes to my shoulders, grey eyes and im about 5'8 and very skinny with a big butt. People say im gorgeous and I should model but in my eyes im a ugly, fat sloppy and a hore as my dad would say. My bestfriend Kandy is the only one who knows about my dad and she tries to get me out my house the best she can.

In school I am a total bad ass, I get suspended for fighting, drugs and more and I am very popular but no one knows about my personal life and the only reason I do it is because of the way I am treated. I currently go with Josh the big jock of the school.

My life looks perfect but behind closed doors it a living hell but hey thats just The Way it is.

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I wake up to the sound of the neighbors lawnmower and I look at the clock and saw that it was 6:59.I get out the bed lazily and pick my outfit out for the day I open my closet and pick out high-waisted shorts, Minnie Mouse Crop top and red converse. 

I go inside the bathroom and hop in the shower and wash my hair and body. I step out the shower and wrap the towel around my body and go inside my room and put on my clothes. I grab my book bag stuff my books and work clothes inside it and walk downstairs quietly because I really wasn't ready for another beating not this morning. 

I arrive downstairsand see my dad passed on the couch as usual with beer cans surrounding him. I grabbed my car keys and a apple of the table and go outside to my car. I get inside my Jeep which I hate but it was a gift from my grandmother for my senior year in high-school.

I start up the car and drive to school and blast Justin Biebers All that matters I don't even know why Im listening to him because he is a total douche but this is actually a good song.  I arrive at school and step out the car and enters LAH(which is Los Angeles High) I go inside the school and I see my boyfriend Josh and I run to him and give him the biggest hug ever.

"Hey babe you wanna ditch school today and go to my place?" Yeah that would be awesome". He kisses me and I kiss back and he licks my bottom lip for entrance and I let him. I pull away and see Kandy walking down the hallway with floral shorts on and her red hair curled and a pink crop top and a red converse. "Hey Paige"! "Hey Kandy"! The bell rings and I tell Kandy I'll see her at work.

Me and Josh walks out the front doors and get inside of his truck and arrives at his house. We walk in he attacks me with his lips we make out and we go upstairs to his room and we kiss more. I lay on the bed and he gets on top and kiss my neck and tugs at the bottom of my shirt. I pull away "What's wrong"? " he asks  I'm not ready Josh".

"What do you mean your not ready, you know what just leave". "Are you serious right now you know what it's over!" "Bye Bitch "! I run downstairs and slam the front door really hard.

I walk back to school and go to my writing class and Mr. Johnson the writing teacher asks why I'm late I flip him off and the class erupts with fits of laughter and I sit down lay my head on the desk and cry. Never would ever fall in love again guys are big jerks but I guess that's the way it is!

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