wheres my fairytale??

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*not mine*

From when i was little

to the age i am now

ive always wanted some fairytale life 

is that not allowed?

a life where i can have fun

and i can be free

where there wont be a worry

and i can be me..

my life isnt all sugarplums and gumdrops

im stuck in a rut doing the same old thing

fairytales dont exist anymore

what do they even mean?

theyre all the same

no meaning or point

Cinderella- snuck out to a party and got married

Ariel-disobey your dad and be happy

no matter what the story

they never actually worry

im stuck with my life

boring and lame

no happy ending

just ending my head in shame

my prince charming

will never come

he got lost along the way

but going by my luck

he was probably gay anyways

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