Chapter 3

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I woke up early this morning, at 6 to take a run. I brushed my teeth and fixed myself sausages , eggs , and bacon. One thing about me , I'm a dawg at that cooking shit. That's what I wanna be one day. A chef. Yeah it's corny I know , but whatever.

I went back upstairs to get dressed. I put on a black sports bra with some red shorts, and some black nike running shoes. I put baby oil on my legs, arms, and stomach so I could sweat. I let my big, curly hair all down so it could bounce while I was running. I'm a big fan of staying in shape.

I took a picture and put it on Instagram with the caption "Early morning run (;" I grabbed my iPhone and put my earphones in and I put on "Work Out" by J. Cole. "I'm going for a run mom!" I screamed. I went outside and started running. As I ran, I saw niggas looking at me, nothing unusual. I heard a couple whistles and "HEY BABY!" through my earbuds.

"I ran 5 blocks and stopped to take a break. I saw a big house with 4 boys and a girl sitting on the porch. One boy, waved me over there. He was caramel, with hazel eyes, and long curly hair. I walked over to the guys and took out my earphones. "yes?"
"hey ." Said the dude.
"I'm Nick and this is ryan , brad , my brother Rick, and my sister Mya. "Hey y'all."
" you're really pretty." Said nick.
"Thank you." I blushed.
"You look pretty hot. Want some water?" Asked mya.
"Water would be nice, thanks." Mya and Nick walked me in their big , beautiful house. "Wow y'all live here?"
"Yea. Just us two." Said mya. She led me in the kitchen and got me a bottle of water. "thank you."
"So where do you go to school?" Asked nick.
"East Central."
"Omg us toooo!" Says mya.
"Junior?" Asks nick. I nod my head.
"Omg us toooo!" I laughed.
" we should hang sometime" said mya. She was a pretty girl , caramel , with medium length curly hair and a pretty ass shape. "Sure id love that. I just moved here from New Orleans and I need new friends anyway."
"New Orleans. I can tell , that sexy ass accent." Said nick. I blushed hard af. "Ha , can I get your number blushie?" Nick asked me. "Sure." I put my number in his and Mya's phone.
Mya went outside and Nick continued to talk to me. "I'll call you tonight. You better answer."
"better? Ha!"
" ha, I like you blushie. You cool people. See you at school ."

I ran off and I could hear Nick, Ryan, Brad, and Rick say "Damnnnnn" as I ran off, watching my ass. I went home and took a shower, washed my hair and wore it big and curly again. I put on some black tights that looked like jeans , my bel airs , and my Charlie Brown half shirt that says homies. I put in my silver balls belly ring.

My phone went off and I answered. "I'm outside baby." Said Cash. "Okay." I smiled like hell. Baby? Aha. He's alright. I went down stairs and got in Cash's car. He drove a Benz. "Good morning beautiful. " He said and smiled at me with that amazing smile again. "you're coming to my house after school." He pecked my lips and drove off. "Woah." I said, surprised. "Ima make you mine girl. I can't get you out my head for some reason.

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