"You know what?" Ryan brought Harry closer to his chest. The boys were at Harry's house. Right now, it was just about trying to get over Louis. Harry turned to face him, and rested a hand on his chest. It didn't feel right. He missed the feeling of Louis' comfort. Although Ryan was pretty comfy.

"We should do something." Ryan continued, lowering his hands that were on Harry's waist. 

Harry felt his eyes widen, and he sat up from the couch. He could tell Ryan was upset that he wasn't allowing this, but he couldn't do this right now. It wasn't the right moment, and possibly not even the right person. Ryan scooted closer to him, and then sat on his lap. He grinned widely at Harry and rolled their hips together. It felt a bit weird to Harry, but he let him keep doing it. Just for a while at least. He lied back onto the couch with Ryan hovering over him. 

"Put you're legs around my waist, babe." Harry did as he was told, and locked his ankles together. Ryan kept on rolling their hips together, and from time to time Harry lifted his hips to meet with Ryan's thrusts. His cheeks were flushed, and his hair was a mess. He threw his head back, and his lips parted as he moaned loudly. Ryan paused and whispered into Harry's ear, "You should make noises like that more often."

Minutes later, clothes were lying on the floor, and Harry was now on top, rubbing their bare lower regions together. This is as far as he would let it go, even though he knew Ryan wanted more. Ryan gripped Harry's hips roughly and rolled his hips onto Harry's through his orgasm. Harry thought of Louis in that moment, and that sent him over the edge. Their moans replaced the silence of the room, and Harry collapsed onto Ryan's chest, breathing heavily. And then it hit him. It was a sudden overwhelming feeling of guilt. He pushed Ryan away and fell onto the floor, stumbling backwards until his back was against the wall. 

You cheated on Louis

Harry shook his head, ignoring what his mind was telling him. He wasn't even with Louis anymore, so it shouldn't matter right?

You hurt Louis

Hurt Louis? No. He would never. A hand touched his knee, and he didn't even realize his eyes were closed. Ryan sat in front of him, a bit annoyed with Harry's sudden mood change. Harry pushed him back again, not wanting to have anything to do with him right now. 


Harry wrote on his wipe board. Ryan nodded, and put his clothes back on. He slammed the door behind him, and Harry couldn't help but cry. He jumped into the shower scrubbing his body roughly, wanting to wash away the memory of him and Ryan. He felt so dirty and used.

* * *

The following voices will now be revealed.

Person 1: Eleanor Calder

Person 2: Ryan 

"So did you do it?" Eleanor closed the car door, trying to catch up with Ryan as he walked into his house.

"Wouldn't let me." He looked down, feeling pathetic.

"Wouldn't let you? God, Ryan. You have to take fucking control. It's not his decision remember. Look, I had a good fuck with you last night, but I'm losing Louis again. You need to do something about Harry. I'm serious." Eleanor hung her jacket and studied Ryan. "If you could touch him before, why can't you do it now? It shouldn't be any different. And you shouldn't even worry about it. He didn't tell anyone last time, did he? No. So stop worrying. Gosh, you're giving me a headache."

"Do you know how bad I felt doing that? Eleanor, I don't want to be a bad guy. Yes, I do want Harry to like me, but I can't force him....and well he did tell Louis. Louis being Louis thought he could handle it himself. Tried talking to me about it, and threatened to beat the living shit out of me if I layed a finger on Harry again."

"Well you are a bad guy. It's too late to be seen as a good one. And forget what Louis said. Honestly, he isn't even that strong. I should make him wor-" Her phone began ringing. "Hello? Oh Lou! I'm so glad you called...What? Oh of course. See you in five. Love you too"

"See that's how you force someone to love you." She turned around and before walking out the door she said, "It's a part of the deal. You're getting a lot of money for this."

"I wish I never made that deal." Ryan shouted after Eleanor left. He went upstairs and stuffed what he needed for tomorrow in his backpack.

* * *

The next day...

Harry sat by himself at lunch. He didn't dare glance at Eleanor's table because he knew that Louis would be there with her. He took out his phone, and checked the time. His background picture was still him and Louis. They were at the park that day. Louis was sitting on his lap, arms around his neck as he pecked his cheek. A little old lady took the picture. She told him about how much they reminded her of his son.  He was going to get married to his boyfriend in a month, and both Harry and Louis could see the joy in her eyes. It was a great feeling. To know that you made someone happy. He felt tears forming in his eyes, and then screen went black. His eyes wandered to Eleanor's table, and there he was. He wasn't looking at her though.

He was looking at him.

Harry looked back down, his heart beating fast. He slowly looked back up, and saw the same beautiful eyes looking back at him. It was too much for him. Too much. The pain. He got up and made his way to the bathroom.

After Harry pulled himself together, he washed his hands, and ran a hand though his curls, trying to fix his fringe. He frowned at the curly mess on his head, but sighed not caring anymore. Just as he was about to leave, the door opened, and he felt all the color drain out of his face. Ryan allowing the door to close behind him, rope in his hands. He smirked and walked towards Harry. 

To be continued.

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