Chapter 9

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Michael's POV

"Wow that was amazing" I told her after kissing her.

"Yes it was" she told me as we looked into each other's eyes

"Let me take you home"

"Okay first let's say bye,I don't just want to leave that would be rude" she was so sweet.


We went back inside to see everyone getting up ready to leave,so we walk over and say bye to everyone.after that me and Elizabeth walk to my car. I open the car door for her and close it then walk to the drivers side.

"Do you know where my house is" she asks me

"Yes we live a block away from each other" I tell her

"Really?" she says turning to me

"Are you stalking me" she says"

"No I was driving home when I saw you walking into your house"

"Technically stalking" she laughed

"If you say so"

We talked about the most random topics and laughed when we arrived.

I parked in her driveway as her car was the only car there. I wonder if she lived alone.

"Do you live alone?" I asked her as we both got out of the car at the same time.

"Sort of I mean just until Nicole moves in" she said

"Oh and if you mind I asking where are your parents"

"They live in America California to be precise they're work is there,they get payed fairly well but I didn't want to move so they pay for my flat here" she said


"Yeah it's no biggy me and Nicole are in the same position right now that's why she's moving in. She is living with her parents until they move" we move from the driveway to her door

"Can I see your phone" she says


"There I put in my number.Here put in yours" she said handing me her phone.

"There" I say

"Well bye mickey,see you Monday "

"Bye babe" I say before kissing her cheek

Louis' POV

As soon as Michael and Elizabeth left I decided to take El home.The whole car ride was silent until we got to get flat.

"C'mon babe" she said getting out of the car walking towards the door of her flat.I just followed.

"Go sit down on the couch I'm going to get some water want some" she said

"Sure" I walked over slowly go the couch and say down

"Here babe" she said handing me the clear glass cup of water as she was standing in front of me.

She sat down right next to me.She put her cup on the coffee table and so did I.

"You're very quiet Lou is something on your mind" she asked getting on top of me wrapping her arms around my neck

"El I think I should go home"

"C'mon" she said before kissing my neck gently making my thoughts go away

"No El stop" I said moving her off me storming out of her flat.Usually I wouldn't stop her and we would do much more than this but I needed to talk to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's POV

As soon as Michael left I went upstairs I washed my face,brushed my teeth,and changed into my pajamas which was just a black tank top with some pink and black checkered shorts.Then I went to lay down but got up real quick to put my phone to charge when it buzzed because I received a text message.

From Lou :) :

Hey, can we talk about what happened tonight tomorrow please

I didn't know I could talk to him after everything but I ha to do it a some point. Right?

To Lou :) :

Yes, come over tomorrow at 2

From Lou :) :

Sure thing love see you in the morning

To Lou :) :

Night Lou :)

From Lou :) :

Night love...x

After that I set my phone down to charge and went to bed.

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