New Places And New Faces (Shane Walsh Love story)

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Another hot day was not my idea of fun when you have to run for you life though the woods in georgia! all i remember is hearing the screams of my dad when he was being tore apart by the walkers. My mom blamed me and still does I was use to it, We thought going to the CDC was a good idea but boy was we wrong. The sun was going down and we needed to find a pacle to stay for the night wasnt my idea of a safe place but then again what was now days, You could never be to safe the walkers got more actave at night which means that either you find a place to stay or you got eaten. I walked toward the house seeing this idiot pointing a crossbow at my face I point mine back at him showing him its not the first time i had one pointed at my face.

"What are ye doing here?" Daryl asked

"I am not bit... Me my mom and friend was only looking for a place to stay" 

"Daryl I got it" Rick said

Daryl nodded walking back over by the Car keeping his eyes on me and my family well i class Larissa as family now. Rick looked at me with a soften look on his face didn't see that too offten the looks people gave where like the one Daryl had, Hard, Kill anything that moves. I looked back at Rick then back at my group telling them to stay put with my hand.

"Rick Grimes is the name" Rick smiled

"Anika Lancaster"

"Is it ok if i call you Nika?" Rick asked

"Thats fine by me..."

"Who all is in your group?" Ricka sked

"Just me my mom and Bestfriend" 

"Come on i can't let ya'll stay out there tonight" Rick said

I waved my hand letting them know it was ok to follow this tall guy with a shaved head walked up to Rick I had my Crossbow slung over my shoulder. Seeing the guy eyeing me like i was something they cought He wasn't my type any way, I sat down on a log that Rick said i could sit seeing people looking at me like i had two heads.

"Name is Maggie Greene" Maggie smiled

"Anika Lancaster" 

"I am Carol and this is Lori and Carl" Carol smiled

"Nice to meet ya'll"

I took my crossbow off my shoulder leaning it on the log rubbing the back of my neck We was lucky these people accepted us. I smiled seeing Lori looking at the Scars on my wirsts and arms I pulled the hoddie down trying to hide them.

"I don't mean to pry but what do you have them scars for?" Lori asked

"Which ones i got more than that" 

"The ones on your Wrist and arms?" Lori asked

I took my Hoddie off putting it around Carl i traced my nail up and down the scar going from the bend in my arm to my wrist. I looked back at Lori and the others who was waiting on an answer giving a little sigh i knew i had to tell them.

"I use to cut thats where all the scars came from" 

"Why would you do something like that?" Maggie asked

"Why?  I wish I could give a simple answer but the truth is my mom was never around i only had Larissa." 

"Can I keep the hoddie?" Carl Asked

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