Chapter 12

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Karly's POV:

Telling Jack I didn't have a phone, I gave him my email instead, because I really didn't have a phone…..It burnt in the fire.

As I talk with Jack, Raff, and Miko, I notice Soundwave's irritancy. You think it would be hard to know his emotions since he is REALLY good at hiding them, but since I've been with him I've taken notice of all his different behaviors, because I'm that good at observing.

Looking over at the other two mechs, Bumblebee waves at me with a smile, while Knockout sends me a wink and a smirk, making me blush.

I don't like the mech, because as I've said I like Soundwave, but I have the tendency to become a blushing flustered mess when a good looking boy or mech flirt with me, because I'm not used to it.

Me blushing seemed to get Soundwave even more pissed, the neon purple lines on his body seemed to glow brighter, and quickly he snatches me up.

"What the hell Sound?!" I snarl.

He holds me against his chest for a bit, his hold very secure. I blush heavily in embarrassment.

"Um Soundwave, are you okay?" I whisper looking up at him, while everyone else talks with one another.

He looks at me before nodding stiffly, I roll my eyes, before I crawl from his grasp and sit on his shoulder. I lean my head against his, before patting his shoulder.

"Whatever it is your mad about, don't worry about it." I say softly.

"I'm sure it'll work out, whatever it is." I say as he stiffens when I say the sentence.

I looking down I see Miko grinning up at me excitedly.

"That is so cute! Picture time!" She grins before pulling out a pink flip phone and snapping a picture of Soundwave and I.

I snort at her with a roll of my eyes. Looking around the area, I wave over at Raff when he looks up from typing on his computer. He grins up at me before he practically stuffs his face in the screen.

"Sound can you put me down…please?" I question, he nods stiffly before setting me down.

Walking over to the group I wave them over.

"You have to keep this meeting private, okay. The others aren't as excepting of Soundwave as Bumblebee, in fact I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for Bumblebee, Soundwave would be imprisoned." I say quietly so the 3 mechs don't hear.

They nod, before Jack gives me a questioning look.

"Soundwave means a lot to you doesn't he?" Jack questions.

I nod.

"He's saved my life 3 times, and he's my first friend. He means to world to me, just as I'm sure your guardians mean the world to you. I'm willing to risk my life if it means Soundwave gets to remain free doing whatever he wants to do." I say.

Miko gives a thumbs up.

"You have our vote, beside Soundwave is a cool!" She grins.

I chuckle.

"Yeah, he is." I grin.

Looking around I see Soundwave staring at me, quickly I duck my head and blush and quickly look away.

"You guys better head back though, I'm sure the other Autobots are wondering where you went." I say.

"She's right, let's head back." Bumblebee says transforming.

I gape at the car, as the others load up.

"Dude your alt is awesome!" I exclaim.

"Wait till you see mine~" Knockout purrs cockily.

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