Invisible. (Chapter 1)

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 I stare outside my window,of what used to be my bedroom. I sigh softly. No one remembers you now,Ana. You're dead. Gone. Goodbye. I think to myself. I'm fairly cruel to myself at times. I sigh once more. Walking over and sitting on my bed,or my old one atleast. No one is allowed in this room anymore. Mother doesn't allow it,but father sneaks in here to do his writing, He writes a story about me,but I don't understand much of it. He's really smart,he always believed in me..but I.. Snap out of it Annamarie. You are almost half as annoying as your name. Your parents just couldn't choose..could they? Anna..or Marie? No,I got it! Lets put it together! Annamarie! That's as bipolar as you are! Or,I am.. I tend to speak to myself in third person. Almost as if I'm crazy..aha. I immediately turn as I hear the door open,as I look down at my nine year old brother on his knees,crying. "I miss you Ana,why did that mean man take you away?!" He was rushed out of my room at once as my mother bursted into my room. "You aren't allowed to be in here,Justin. Go!" She slammed the door shut behind her,as I wept softly. He never understood how I died. It was always. "Someone took her away." or "Sissy's on vacation." Never, "By the way,your sister hung herself." That'd be too harsh on the poor kid,as if he hasn't been through enough.. I sighed and looked down. "God damn me and my mistakes." 

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