Sick and England

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Sasuke's POV

Naruto was still sleeping but I had ordered room service and called the people at England were Naruto was suppose to have his concert. I was in the living room/bedroom area talking lowly as Naruto slept. Last night was amazing for me. I had finally taken what was missing in my life,love. Naruto had given his everything for me so I wanted to repay him by continuing his career.Naruto stirred a bit scaring me just a bit. I finally ended my conversation with the manager at the stage, the food was brought in now all that I needed was an awake Naruto. I slowly and quietly walked over to Naruto's side of the bed. I poked his cheek softly, no response so I poked it harder. Naruto swatted his hand randomly but still wouldn't wake up. I kissed his lips and poked his cheek. His eyes fluttered open and he smiled.

"Morning Kyu." I smiled.

He blinked and puckered his lips. I kissed them gently and stood up straight. Naruto began to sit up but then stop when he was only holding himself up by his elbows. He looked to be in pain so I pushed him down gently knowing exactly what was wrong with him. He looked at me worryingly. I kissed his head and went to get his breakfast.

"You're fine, but since last night was your first time you might be in pain so don't get up or walk around for a bit." I said as I grabbed his plate of food.

I walked back over and sat down gently. Naruto eyed the plate noticing it only had eggs,bacon,hash browns and biscuits and gravy. He pouted and gave me his best puppy eyed face.I smirked and shook my head. I knew Naruto ate ramen no matter what time of day but today he would have a real meal.I helped him sit up comfortably and helped him eat his food. Naruto gobbled down all the food and smiled. I smiled at him then kissed his head. Naruto settled back and watched me move around as I began to pack our things. Out of no where I began to cough. The coughing hurt, my lungs felt like they were tightening too much and letting everything out. I glanced at Naruto from the corner of me eye, he looked worried. I continued to pack while he rested, the coughing turned into sneezes then a sore throat and then all of it together.

I was now in the bathroom packing all our bathroom stuff when I coughed again.When I removed my hand a small amount of blood was there sliding down and in between my fingers. If Naruto saw this he'd get worried and want to stay here. I thought then washed the blood off in the sink and brushed my teeth. I finished packing and went back to Naruto. He must have heard my coughing because he was standing up and heading toward the bathroom. I smiled at him, he smiled at me and sat down on the bed again. I walked over to him and sat down beside him. He flinched, I wrapped an arm around his waist and nuzzled my nose to his neck.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you,Kyu." I said and kissed his neck.

Naruto giggled and moved back a little to kiss my chapped lips. I kissed him back, Naruto pulled back. His face had that look of something of disgust. I watched him as he tasted my flavor in his mouth. He relaxed and looked me in my eyes.

"Blood, are you bleeding?"He asked with worry in his eyes.

I looked away and removed my arm from his waist. Naruto watched me intensely. Naruto reached out to me, I moved away.

"Sasuke, tell me what's wrong? Please tell me." Naruto pleaded.

I clenched my fists and stood up. Naruto grabbed my arm, I gently pulled away. The suit phone rang, I picked it up and answered. The limo was here and waiting, I hung up and grabbed our luggage. Naruto dressed after he took a short shower and limped down the hall to the elevator. I waited for him down in the lobby by the desk. He walked right by me as I checked us out.

Inside the limo I continued to cough but into a napkin. Naruto was still worried and angry with me, I reached for his hand and held it tight. He squeezed back and looked out the window.I wiped some blood that had slipped out of my mouth. Naruto noticed and reached over and took my napkin. He opened it and saw the small blood drops that were on it. I watched him as he covered his mouth with the hand I was holding. He glanced at me then back at the bloody napkin. I reached over and grabbed it back.

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