Haunting Past

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Hope's POV

I stumbled out of bed and had my usual battle with my hair. Tonight was the end of school year dance. I wandered into the kitchen where Rachel was making bacon and eggs. 

"You excited for tonight?" Rachel asked me as I sat down on the couch.

"Woo Hooo." I said sarcastically as Rachel brought me over a plate of bacon and scrambled eggs.

Sapphire burst through the door, her long red side fringe a mess all over her face.

"Eeeeeeeee!" She screamed. She ran around the room talking to herself.

"I can't wait," She said to no one in particular.

"Are you excited?" She asked bouncing down in the seat beside me. "I am!" She yelled in my ear before I could even give my fake whoo-hoo reply. 

She bounced back out the room screaming and singing. Sometimes I feel sorry for our neighbours.

Riley's POV

I jumped out of bed when my alarm went off. Today was the end of year dance, not that I had asked anyone. I wasn't interested in any of the other girls, apart from Hope. I pulled on a pair of cargo pants and a white t-shirt. I packed my bag with my change of clothes for the dance then raced off to school. It would take me to long to come back home after school then go back again. I could go to Peter's house before the party.

Hope's POV

I brushed my golden hair and tucked it behind my ears. I looked over to see Sapphire, Kaitlin, Pippa and Morgan applying makeup. Morgan with her dark eye shadow and blue lips, Pippa with her red checks and pink lipstick, Kaitlin with her red lipstick and mascara and Sapphire with about every kind of makeup on. I refused to use unnatural makeup. 

We went back to Sapphire's bedroom and put on our clothes. Morgan had brought her normal black jeans and black top. I looked at her.

"Wait here." I said to her. 

I emerged with a long arm bracelet made of black material. She slipped it on her arm.

Kaitlin wore a cute summer dress that brought out her wonderful figure. Pippa wore a long blue striped skirt and black long sleeve top. Sapphire wore an amazing purple dress with gold stripes and a blue leather belt. I wore a high waisted skirt, my black boots and my 'nerdy by nature' top. 

We finally left the house at quarter to seven after Sapphire had stared worrying she didn't look good. We pilled into the car and left for the dance but something told me it wasn't going to be all happy smiles. 

Riley's POV

We walked into the dance at seven and already it was packed. There were girls in tight dresses and high heels everywhere. 

Peter and I looked around for any sign of the girls. We finally found them in the corner. Kaitlin and Sapphire were bouncing around Morgan who looked like she had already had enough excitement for one night, while Pippa and Hope were just chatting.

"I'd leave Morgan alone, she looks like shes about to snap." I yelled above the music at Kaitlin and Sapphire.

"Peter!" Kaitlin yelled before bounding into his arms.

I saw Hope flinch then relax. Morgan took the moment to sit down on a chair while Sapphire was talking to Kaitlin.

We talked and danced for about an hour until Hope said she needed some fresh air. I pointed to one of the gymnasiums open doors and she left without a word.

Hope's POV

I step outside and the cool winter air wraps around me. I steeped out onto the pavement my breath making clouds as I went. I couldn't stand the smell of the sweaty gymnasium. I shivered from the cold. Suddenly I felt a pair of arms wrap around me.

"Hi honey." he whispered in my ear.

"I told you I didn't want to have anything to do with you anymore." I snarled back.

"Oh come on you can't resist me." He whispered back squeezing me tighter.

"I've got a life now Felix, I'm not going to be some pawn in your chess game." I reached into my pocket grabbing my plastic knife and turned it into a dagger.

I darted around and shoved Felix against a lamp post, holding the dagger to his throat.

"Go on do it I dare you." He said.

"I would but you're not worth my time." I said back. I held it closer to his throat lifting him up a bit with my powers. I let him go and he fell to the ground. 

"I would say don't tell anyone but I know you will." I said before walking back to the gym.

When I got back to the gym the dance was winding down. There was one more dance before a slow song then it was all finished. I found my friends or most of them, Kaitlin was with Peter, siting on the chairs at the far side of the gym. 

"Took you long enough." Morgan commented. 

"Sorry got distracted." I lied

The slow song came on and soon most of the dance floor was filled with couples. To my surprise to boys came and asked Pippa and Morgan to dance and they accepted. I was talking to Sapphire when I looked up and to my surprise was Hugo, one of Riley's close friends, standing there. 

"M-mm-may I have this dance." He blurted out at Sapphire. She looked over at me. I smiled at her letting her know I would be fine by myself.

I watched the couples spin around the dance floor.

"They left you." Riley said.

"No I let them." I replied.

"Why aren't you up there?" He asked.

"I can't dance." I replied.

"Well I can dance," He stated "May I have this dance he asked me?" 

"Fine." I answered.


I'm back baby. Sorry I just disappeared for probably more than 2 months. I had no inspiration to write what so ever. I going to start a new book so the update on this book may be a bit slow. I don't know what to write next but I will see what ever comes to mind. I hope this chapter wasn't to corny and sorry if I scared anyone who thought she was going to be abducted. I haven't edited this properly so there will be mistakes, don't kill me though. If you have any ideas on what should happen comment it really gets me motivated.

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