Chapter 3

"The doctor said you are released to go on Sunday." Said Ms. Cook as she entered the room on Friday morning.

"Really?" Avalon lighted up in excitement. It's been almost four days since she's been there, and even though she's been awake for only two of those days, she's still been bored out of her mind, and has been so ready to depart this living hell. Nothing to do, nobody to talk to but her mother and the doctors and babbling about their lives' nurses, nothing to watch, she couldn't go outside on her skateboard, or play the drums. Even her iPod touch wasn't entertaining enough. She tried to use her powers by moving the blankets up and down her body And the smell of the hospital. Avalon could neither ignore it or get used to it. And the pain in her back and chest would not go away.

"Really. But you won't be able to do any activity. ESPECIALLY skateboarding!" Her mom pointed sternly at Avalon.

Avalon rolled her eyes. "I don't think I'm in the shape for it anyway. Obviously." She smarted.

"...I-I don't know what were gonna do about school." Her mom struggled to say.

"It's alright. I don't need school. I'll just work at McDonald's. That's a fun place." She grinned. Despite the fact that she hated the hospital, anything is better than school.


Later that afternoon, while Avalon was on her iPod listening to random songs remixed to nightcore version, and playing Sims Ms. Cook walked into the room with a slight paleness to her face. It wasn't a sick look though, she just looked strained and weary, as usual these past few days. She was followed by three people.

"Avalon. There are some people who want to talk with you." Her mother presented quietly. The people walked into the room and Avalon sat up a little more. She really didn't want to talk to any people for a while.

"I though you didn't want me to talk to the media." Avalon said rudely to her mother keeping her eyes on her iPod.

"Avalon, they are not with the media... please take your buds out and talk with them." Ms. Cook kept her head mostly down and was trying to hold back the tears.

Avalon sighed real loud to show her annoyance, took out the ear buds and glanced up at the trio who were silently standing before her.

"Hi Avalon. I'm Jean Grey," started the first woman casually. "and this is Scott Summers, and Ororo Munroe." She gestured to her friends standing next to her on each side.

Jean, who is around the age of twenty five, was very attractive with long, red hair. Scott was also around twenty five, he was fairly cute in Avalon's opinion, his hair is a dark brown, and for some weird reason, he was wearing ruby red sunglasses. The third person was another woman, whom Jean introduced as Ororo, an African American with long, pure white hair, and seemed to be around thirty.

Avalon gave a half wave. "Hello." She said in hopes they would change their mind and leave. There was some awkward silence for a few moments then Jean continued.

"Avalon, we come from the Professor Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, and we would like to give you a chance to join us there."

After another awkward pause. "Sooo... what is it? And why do you want me?"

"It's a special school for people like us." Ororo answered.

Avalon gave her a suspicious look. "What do you mean, people like us?" She did not like where this was heading at all.

"We are mutants. Just like you." That was exactly what she was hoping not to hear. She was speechless for a second, but then decided to challenge them.

"Prove it."

"E- excuse me?" Ororo said caught off guard.

"I want the three of you to show me your powers." Avalon said, wishing they would just go away and leave her alone.

"Umm... Okay..."Ororo walked over to the window. She raised her head and arms a little, and her eyes turned completely white. For the entire day, it had been pouring down rain, but all of a sudden, it stopped. Then it became very windy. She's controlling the weather. Avalon thought. She did this for a little longer, then stopped and waited for a few seconds. She turned towards Avalon.

"Obviously, I control the weather. That is why they call me Storm."

Ms. Cook slowly became pale, and sat down. Avalon turned to her, and their eyes connected. She could tell her mother wasn't feeling well, and that she was starting to feel overwhelmed. She looked a little frightened, and that she might faint. Embarrassed by her mothers' weakness of almost any news she ever hears, she rolled her eyes as she turned her head away, trying to ignore her.

"Your turn Jean." Scott said playfully, smirking. Jean smirked back, and looked around the room first. Her eyes settled on Avalon's IPod resting on her lap. Then she was concentrated only on that object and nothing else. Then it began to rise up into the air. Then the ear buds unplugged. And the IPod floated towards Jean, and stopped in front of her in midair. She put her hand out and grabbed it. She smiled and she and Avalon looked at each other.

"I have telekinesis. Just like you. I also have telepathy." The voice rang softly in Avalon's head. Then she used her powers to give the IPod back.

"That's cool," was all she could think of to say. "Ummm..." She looked at Scott.

"Yeeeaaah, you don't want me to show you my powers. Maybe later. Someone might get hurt. But I can shoot red beams out of my eyes. Sounds a little silly talking about it I know, but its true. That's why I have to wear these sunglasses."

"Well what do they do?"

"We'll tell you later. Anyway, we also call him Cyclops." Storm informed.

"What's with the nicknames then?"

"They are for when we are on missions and in the field." Storm answered.

"Missions? Missions for what?"

"Well if you come with us to the school, then you will find out." Scott said.

"Anyway, we are all mutants like you," Said Jean, "and we all had a really hard time when we discovered our powers. But Professor Xavier helped us through, and has taught us how to control our powers, and use them to help others."

"What? Like superheroes?" She said smiling, sounding skeptical.

"Well, I guess you could say that... But you go to a normal school with normal students during the week, and after school and every other weekend we have practice sessions for our powers. Then when summer comes, you can either stay, or come back here to visit your mother." She looked at Ms. Cook and gave her a warm, smile.

"So basically I'm like Harry Potter, being invited to Hogwarts."

"... Sure, I guess..."

"So what' this supposed to cost?" Avalon was starting to warm up to the idea of this school, but if it was going to make financial problems for her mother, then no way.

"It's free." Her mom lighted up. Avalon looked at her. "It's free, for your first year attending. It won't cost a cent." That explained a lot. Avalon could tell her mother was very hesitant in letting her daughter who almost died move so far away, but if it was free, why not?

"Well, we really need to be going." Said Scott. "We're at this hotel a miles down." He handed Ms. Cook a card, please call us whenever you've made a decision." He turned to Avalon, "It was nice to meet you Avalon." Then the three of them left the room.

She looked up at her mother. "What do you want me to do?"

"Honey, that's for you to decide. I want you to stay here, because I don't want to be alone, and I love you. But I also want you to go, and learn to use your powers, and meet new people and make some real friends."

"As true as all that sounds, it didn't really help me with my decision." Avalon said sarcastically, but also with a smile.

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