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its been two hole days without Rachel and Marissa hasn't left my side!

today Tho I am defiantly going to talk to her I can't live without her I don't know how to? that sounds so weird because before I Evan met her I didn't Evan know I liked girls let a lone think I'd love one this much!

so I woke up and got dressed I wore skinnys a T-shirt and my black converse and wore my hair down.

I was about to leave until Marissa insisted she was coming as long as I get to talk to Rachel any one could come.

I got into my car I drove straight for Lauren and Camillas flat because that's where I know Rachel's staying. when we got there I went straight to there door and didn't stop banging it till it opened "okay okay who died" someone shouted before opening the door. once the door opened it was Camilla.

"oh hey demi" she smiled "hey is um Rachel here"I asked "she kinda went out for coffee but she should be back soon"Camilla said awkwardly why wouldn't she‚ she was there the other night "can we wait"I asked and she opened the door for me a Marissa to come in "hey I'll get yous tea"Camilla said "I'll help"Marissa shouted and I was left sitting in the living area.

as soon as I sat down Lauren and Rachel walked in but they didn't notice me "come on rach cheer up" Lauren groaned "shut up not everyone's as cheery as you so shut up moaning your so annoying" Rachel moaned "but ya love me" Lauren said sarcastically "course"Rachel said right back that angered me.

"didn't take you long I see" I said standing up and both girls looked at me shocked "demi what are you doing here?"Rachel asked not making eye contact "I came to talk to you but looks like I'm too late and she finally got what she wanted"I shouted I was so angry right now

"what are you on about demi?" she asked still not making eye contact "rach she wanted us to spilt up to get in your pants" I shouted i new that was a mistake I was going to regret because for the first time Rachel looked up and made eye contact but she looked angry.

"we went for coffee as friends we came back as friends we were messing about as friends and oh see were still only fucking friends"Rachel shouted back I was so taken back by this and so was Lauren by the look of her reaction " demi why'd you come?" Rachel asked staring at the floor "I'm sorry okay? but can we at least talk" I pleaded

"I don't think that's a good idea" Lauren finally spoke! "you keep your mouth shut!"I warned "yo don't talk to her like that and fine ten minutes come on" Rachel said walking towards the stairs and I followed once we were up stairs we came into a room which I'm guessing is the room rachels staying in.

"rach I'm so sorry!"I pleaded "demi why are you really here" she asked not making eye contact "because I love you rach"I replied "yea right" she mumbled still looking at the ground I lifted her chin so we were looking into each others eyes "baby girl I love you more than anything I don't think I could live without you I'm so so sorry about the way I was getting on the other night but I love you please don't end it and come home" I begged she smirked "yea right demi nobody has loved me no body dose love me and nobody will you know why because I'm not worth loving and your saying you love me when you can't Evan trust me well that's a load of bull"she answered right back.

"Rachel your the most lovable person I know and I do trust you a lot its other people I don't trust please understand."I pleaded

"I understand you can't love someone without trust which you don't have for"she replied

"wait..you don't think I love you?"I whispered she nodded her head

"Rachel why the hell would I turn bisexual let you move in with me be so jealous if I didn't love you?" I kinda shouted but not in a cheeky way "too play me?to get a fling? because you felt sorry for me I dunno" she mumbled

"I can't believe your saying this shit I'm going to prove I love you!"I told her "wait what dose that mean?"she asked "wait and see"I kissed her cheek which she flinched at and walked down stairs to Lauren "you try anything I swear I'll hurt you"I whispered in her ear and she glared at me "demi your not the only one who loves her"she whispered back "please how could you love her you only meet her!"I replied "so did you an you know how easy it is to fall for her"she told me and before I could say anything "and know the worst part is that she loves you back and I don't Evan get to have a chance with her so just fuck of demi and if you hurt her I swear I will hurt you"she whispered glaring at me I just glared back.

she walked away and I went into the kitchen were Camilla and Marissa were sitting "come on" I told Marissa we said goodbye and left.

"where we going now"she asked

"to my moms"I replied

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