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 Red swoopy hair.

 Pale white skin.

 Average size body.

 Seventeen years old.

 Eleventh Grade.

 This was Savannah Isabel Comer

  She wasn't your average teenager. Most teenagers are out partying, getting high, and not giving a fuck about anything except for themselves, right? Savannah was different. She stayed home most weekends, writing, on the internet, doing whatever to keep her self entertained, without getting into trouble. Her adoptive mom, Courtney Comer was very..abusive towards her whenever she got into trouble. 

   Cuts, and scars covered Savannah's legs and thighs.

  Her mom, Courtney was a drunk who at one point cared about Savannah, I will give her that. But after she caught her husband cheating, she started drinking. Honestly, she stayed drunk. Maybe on rare occasions you could find Mrs.Comer sober, but that was hard to do. And most of the time when shes drunk, she's either too drunk to do anything, or she beats the hell out of Savannah. Her dad, he was too busy with work, and his other girlfriend to really pay much attention to Savannah. 

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