Chapter 1

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Mr.Walters: Okay . Gianni heres your Schedule. Your first class would be Geometry . . Andre show her where Room 242 is please sir?

Andre: Follow me baby...

Gianni: Im not your baby...& okay

You & andre are walking upstairs...

Andre: You look Sorta' Familiar..

Gianni: Hmmm..I lived here when I was younger .

Andre: Oh Yeaah! Your mother name is amber right?

Gianni: Oh my god yass! Is your dad name Marcel?

Andre: Yeah!! how you been?

Gianni: Im fine .. How are you?

Andre: Im good..How's your mom doing?

Gianni: She's do- *GCO*

Ashley: Uhh Excuse me? This my boyfriend..

Gianni: He was just showing me to the *GCO*

Andre: No Gianni .. its alright I got this shawty

Ashley: Oh Really? You gonna sit here & defend this bitch .

Gianni: Bitch?? Uhh..I will Beat Yo- *GCO*

Andre: Just chill !



School is over & Im about to go do what I do with my Nigga Trevor.

Trevor: Ready to make this money -dapping Andre-

Andre: Hell yeah .

Trevor: Roscoe talking about hooking us up with this nigga.

Andre: Oh For real?

Trevor: Yeah but I Heard this Nigga is like top .. Like this nigga .. Like

Andre: Like what ?! Nigga damn with Yo studdering ass .. damn

Trevor: Mannn Whatever! But you know we go aint no turning back ..

Andre: Yeah , Lets go!

Andre & trevor drive to an drug warehouse...

Andre: So wassup?

???: Roscoe told yall little niggas know wassup..

Andre: He aint told me...

???: Well Im johnny .. Your boss from now on Okay??

Andre&Trevor: Alright .

they both leave...(12:00 a.m)

Trevor: Wanna hit up the burger place? .. Im hungry than a bitch

Andre: Nahh , I going by Ashleys.

Andre goes to Ashleys...

Ashley: Where you been?

Andre: Damn..Can A nigga get some space ?

Ashley: We fucking or not Andre?

Andre: I aint got no condoms...

Ashley: SO!

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