Chapter 4-True love

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I woke up and did my stuff like usual.

after I was done getting ready for school I went outside.

I saw Brandon already walking to school l said "hey wait up".

He ran off to school when he saw me.

I wondered why.

he turned the wrong way to school.

I went to school anyways.

friends if they knew what he was doing.

they said "yes but we can't tell you".

I said okay and walked off to a table.

Brandon was waiting there for me.

I don't know why but yeah he was waiting there for me.

I heard people talking about me and him.

about how he is asking me out.

I thought to myself what is he doing.

then he started talking to me.

"Hey Alexa,Will you be my Girlfriend".He said.

I said yes to him.

my friends at the other table were cheering.

I giggled and then the bell rang and then I went to class.

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