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Chapter 6
Avery's POV

I dragged Derek up the stairs to his apartment not knowing he was this heavy. Not saying he's fat or anything, I'm a girl come on. When we finally got to his apartment I set him gently on the bed so he wouldn't get hurt. After watching him for a while he got the strength to get up. "Careful." I said he got up to sit on the edge of the bed I walked in front of him kneeling down so I could see his face. "Are you going to be ok?"I asked "I'm going to be fine it just takes time." He responded "you know I could just help heal you right? I mean I am pretty powerful." I breathed out "no I'll be fine you need to stay out of this or you'll get hurt." He managed to say "I've been hurt before." I said back "no not like this." He said before he could look up at my face. I stared leaning in he did the same too, until there was no more space in between us and our lips touched. The kiss was hesitant but it got more passionate. Our lips were in sync and before you knew it i was half naked in only my bra and under wear while he was in his pants only. I pulled away from the kiss and said "You healed." "I know its part of the bond." He replied in a whisper. "Can you explain to me about the mate thing I'm still confused." I breathed "of course" he said while pecking my lips.
After like 10 minutes of explaining i finally got it and we went back to making up."Stay with me tonight." Derek said "Of course." I yawned. "you tired?" he questioned "mhm." i said before drifting off to sleep in Dereks arms. "I love you Avery." was the last thing i heard.

I woke up to being in someones arm. I smiled and pecked Derek on the lips and he woke up. "what a nice way to wake up." He said I giggled and checked my phone still in Dereks arms. I got a text from Aiden it said 'Avery where are you Ennis died.' after reading that i started tearing up. "Shh shh I'm here I'm here." Derek said calming me down I started crying in his chest.

"Derek? You do know Kali's going after you right?" I said "I know." He said in monotone "I'll try to do something just please whatever you do dont kill her, I already lost Ennis I can't lose Kali." "I know Avery stop worrying." He said while grabbing my waist closer to him. I kissed his chest we said our goodbyes and kissed a couple times.

Hope you liked it!
Awe they're together now
Its a bit different from the actual one but you know doesnt have to be the same.
Yea I guess thats it.
OMG so im late on this but the trailer for season 3b HOLY MOTHER NO JUST NO Kira i think thats how you spell it dont you dare put her and scott together ok Scallison forever!!! even doe i do kinda ship Allisaac.





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