Chapter 11

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Soundwave's POV:

Looking at his internal time, Soundwave realizes it's time for hi…the femme to get out of her educational building.

Not wanting a repeat of her getting beaten by any humans, Soundwave decides to pick the femme up. Transforming into his alt-mode he flies out of his cave and towards the schooling facility, once there Soundwave parks in a tree covered area, before onlinning his holoform to look for the femme.

Once finding her, his eyes focus on the femme next to her. It was the same femme that harassed his…For Primus sake why does he keep thinking his?! Anyways it was the same femme that harassed Karly, but ended up having the roles switch.

The two were looking at him, the other femme was looking at him with a strange stare while Karly just grinned over at him as usual.

" Sounds, I figured you'd be back at your house working." She grins.

He chooses not to say anything as always. Soundwave watches as the other femme elbows hi…Karly in the side getting a glare from her.

"Sounds, this is my friend Victoria, Victoria this is MY friend Soundwave." She says stressing my for some reason or another.

The other femme, Victoria gives the femme a sly smile resembling the smiles Knockout gives.

"Hope you're not in a hurry, I said I'd stay with Victoria until her ride gets here." Karly says looking over at said femme.

He nods.

It's not like he's got anything better to do, working on the ground bridge has already become a huge processor ache for him, luckily and hopefully it's finished, it just needed a test run.

"Soundwave: Will be waiting in the… 'car'" He words his sentence carefully.

Karly gives a thumbs up as he turns and walks away. Turning off the holoform, he listens to the conversation the two femmes are having.

"Fine, fine, don't get depressed I know a few guys that are interested in you if you ever want to date someone." The Victoria femme winks.

What is that supposed to mean?

Karly gives her a look.

"What do you mean?" Karly questions.

Victoria chuckles

"Karly, you're not ugly, and your mysterious quiet nature has caught attention of a few sweet guys, but your quietness kind of keeps them at a distance, because believe it or not you're kind of scary, it took a while before I could start um harassing you and what not to test you." She says somewhat shamefully at the end.

Why did that sentence make him uneasy, not only that but also sent a flare of slight anger in his spark?

Hi…KARLY chuckles before ruffling the brown headed femme's hair.

"No hard feelings Ory(Or-ie) I'm over it, don't get guilty on me." She says gruffly.

The brown-haired femme nods

"Still, I feel bad for saying those mean things." She says.

Karly waves her off.

"I'm tough I can handle more than just a few words." She says.

After that he backs out of listening.

Why did that sentence the brown hair femme said about other mechs being interested in Karly trouble him so much?

As he kept thinking, the femme's words repeated in his processor making his spark thrum erratically with an agitated emotion washing over him, something completely new to him.

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