6 Years Old

Pink and blue balloons were floating around the old sixties themed diner. I smiled as I skipped towards the sleek white counter to retrieve my strawberry milkshake.

Taking a sip of the cold drink I glance around to see my mother decorating the booths with pastel ribbons. My father was balancing his cellphone between his neck and shoulder, talking to the person on the other line while holding the birthday cake in its box.


I turned around to see the familiar blonde haired boy dressed in his favorite baseball hat and white t-shirt. I squealed and jumped off the red stool and ran towards my best friend. I tackled Cody in a giant hug. He laughed and hugged me back while holding the small blue box in his hands.

Jutterbug was a nickname that I hated yet loved at the same time. Cody nicknamed me Jutterbug because of my fear of any insect, even butterflies. They're seriously disgusting with their beady eyes and four legs.

"Happy Birthday Jutterbug!" Cody yelled.

"Happy Birthday Cody!" I returned the yell with a big smile on my face.

Cody handed me the small blue box, "I hope you don't hate my present."

I shook my head with a small smile, "I could never hate your present, Cody."

I opened the lid of the blue box and inside was a colorful beaded bracelet with 'Jutterbug' written in white beads. I've never gotten jewelry before because my mother always said it was too expensive.

"Do you like it? I know it isn't a lot. I worked hard in that stupid girly girl scouts class learning how to make it" Cody said narrowing his eyes, remembering his time with the annoying girl scouts. I laughed as I brought him into a giant hug.

"I love it, Cody. Thank you" I whispered as I let go and ran to grab his present.

Cody smiled as he ripped the wrapping paper and gasped once his eyes scanned over his present.

A baseball bat and glove with his name on it. "I've always wanted a baseball bat and new glove!" Cody said as he hugged me tightly. I've always enjoyed Cody's hugs, they were warm and cozy like a giant teddy bear. 

12 Years Old

It was the middle of July and the sun was beaming down hard today. Women wore short shorts or dresses while the men wore cargo shorts and tank tops. I was walking through the shopping plaza downtown with a strawberry ice cream cone in my hand. Mom said she needed to talk with the eye doctor about something, so she gave me five dollars and told me to go shopping.

"Hey Jutterbug" Cody said as he skated towards me. I rolled my eyes as I continued to lick the sweet and sticky ice cream.

"What do you want?" I asked with pursed lips. Cody smirked as he flipped his skateboard with his foot and caught it with his right hand.

"Guess how much money I got today?" He asked with his cocky grin. Cody was beginning to get so full of himself ever since a girl from the sixth grade gave him a valentine. Now he thinks all the girls are all over him. Gross.

I tried my best to ignore Cody as I continued to lick my ice cream. Even though I was being absolutely rude to him, I still loved my best friend.

I smiled and asked how much he received today by his parents. Cody's parents were filthy rich, they have so many cars and their house was enormous. Which is why I don't understand why Cody prefers my house to be his favorite house.

"Ten dollars!" Cody winked as he pulled out the ten dollar bill from his back pocket.

"I was thinking I can take you shopping and you can buy yourself something pretty" Cody smirked as waved the money in front of my face. I glared at him in annoyance and slapped his hand. I continued to lick my strawberry goodness while deciding to go with Cody.

Until I see the one and only, Janice McCain trotting down the sidewalk and towards Cody and I.

"I would love to go shopping with you Cody!" Janice smiled as she flipped her bangs out of her face.

"Sorry Janice, but I was talking to Jane" Cody said as he jutted a thumb in my direction. Janice turned her stare towards me and narrowed her eyes at me. "Look at Jane! She probably doesn't even want to go shopping with you" Janice said with false innocence.

I did want to go shopping with Cody.

Cody turned to look at me, but over his shoulder I saw Janice threatening me with her cellphone. I knew what she had meant. Janice's uncle was principal of the middle school and I really didn't want to get in trouble. Janice has always been spoiled and has always hated me for some reason that I don't understand. Janice's uncle always gave her what she wanted without a word.

"Is that true? You don't want to go shopping with me?" Cody asked with a crestfallen expression. I glanced at Janice and her pink painted fingers were on the green button on her phone. I swallowed a lump in my throat before replying, "I don't want to go shopping with you."

It was like Cody's world came crashing down and I knew why. Cody and I have never done an activity where one of us wasn't there. We were always together and never separated. Suddenly Cody's saddened look transformed into one of pure anger. For as long as I've known Cody I have never seen him as angry as he is now.

"Fine." He mumbled before grabbing Janice's hand and walked away.

At that moment I realized that I had made the biggest mistake and ended up losing my one and only best friend. 


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