RECAP: "Lucas." I whispered.

      Many emotions passed through me before I settled on the one that would help be through everything: Anger. I knew he didn't know that I had overheard his conversation, so I had to play it cool even though below the surface I was raging.

   I stepped out of Alex's arms, "What are you doing here Lucas?" I asked innocently. He looked confused for a second,"Ummm am I not allowed to visit my best friend?" Best friend my ass! You bastard....

      "No! Of course you are I was just surprised." I wasn't lying there. He grinned, but it was short lived when he finally saw Alexander.

       "What the hell is he doing here?!" He yelled.

         "He saved me from a couple of drunk idiots who thought it would be fun to try and grab me."

         His eyes washed over with rage but not before I saw a hint of glee in them. Twisted ass. I knew then that all that my best friend once was, is gone. That's what happens to people I care about: they leave me. In the end, everyone leaves.

        I was so done being the helpless victim so I put on my most innocent face and asked him,"Oh. Were those your men? Did my brother  bribe them with promises of getting some if they caught me? Well too bad so sad because you should've known I would protect myself even if I am dealing with a heavy loss."

        If it had been any other situation, I would have laughed at his "deer in the headlights" look, but now I knew that he had had a part in it. He slowly regained his composure and smirked.

         "Oh Darling. I was waiting for you to figure it out. Such a shame you really are a dumb bitch.", He spat at me with such venom that my eyes misted.

         "What? You gana cry to your mama now? Ohh that's right! Your so called parents aren't any where near here! They don't even want you or your bitch of a sister!"

          I broke. Then and there the monster inside me unleashed. I let out a war cry and sprinted full throttle at him. He didn't even have time to defend himself. I slammed my fist into his face and heard the crack of his jaw breaking. I relished in the sound. I gave two roundhouse kicks to his sides and twisted his arm around to shove him to the ground.

          "I hope my brother pays you well for the sex. That's all you are to him. Trust me I would know.", I laughed without humor, "Give my brother a message for me:   I will find him, and when I do, the last thing he will ever do is whisper my name." I shoved him out the gate and locked it.

          I turned back to see Alexander standing there in shock.

         "You were telling the truth...", He whispered. I nodded once and went back into the house to wash my knuckles of the blood from Lucas's face. I could hear Alex shuffling around behind me.

         After the last remnants of the bastard's essence was off me, I made some coffee, grabbed a movie, and went into the huge living room. I put the movie in and ran upstairs to put on some cotton pajama pants and a low cut loose t-shirt.

        When I came back to the room, Alex was sitting on my couch watching the movie with semi-interest. I plopped down beside him and started watching the movie. Indiana Jones rocked it when he Tarzanns across the cliff with his whip. I can feel the gaze of Alex's eyes on me. Finally I can't take anymore so I paused the movie and turned towards him. "What??" I ask exasperated.

        His lips met mine so fast that I was in shock for a few moments before I started kissing him back. We grasped at each other like wild animals in heat. My fingers threaded themselves in his hair while he held my hips in a vice-like grip. His lips moved up and down my jaw softly and I gave out a quiet moan. He nibbled and kissed on my collar until he found my sweet spot. I gasped then moaned loudly when he lightly bit it. I wished I could encase this moment in amber and make it last forever.


Hey wattpadianz, I know its been too long since I last updated and I probably wouldn't have tonight if a certain someone hadn't kept pushing me to and rightfully so. Y'all should give thanks to him because he's the one who broke me out of my dormant spell from righting. Thank you Aggie man! I am so thankful to those who haven't given up on me yet so a shout out to y'all! I hope to write more and not leave you guys hanging again but for now...BYEEEEE! ♥ -Baisley

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