New Surroundings

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I awoke with a moan of pain when our plane jolted down, immeadiantly yearning for my parents. Once we came to a complete stop we unbuckled, made it down the steps to the ground, and limped towards our destination. I felt like I'd barely slept, but in reality we'd all rested for several hours. My jaw fell as I craned my neck around, looking at the base. I tried to take in as much as I could, but my ragged breathing and stumbling footsteps weren't helping me.

A five story block building was right in front of me, beige and welcoming, with large windows on each floor. To the right was a chocolate brown two story building, which was a long rectangle, while on the left sat a three floor chestnut shaded box. As I turned around, I saw the large hangar, where our plane was pulling into, and the lengthy runway that paralleled the base.  The ocean kissed the pale sand to the right of the buildings, and the whole island was surrounded by thick tropical trees and vines. There were four or five younger teenagers in the clearing watching us as we glanced around curiously.

Three men in black suits walked out of the largest building and rushed us inside. By now I was extremely light headed and could barely walk. I was starved and beaten down. Worst of all, I was heartbroken. I had to continue pushing the thought of my dead parents out of my head. I had to be strong for my family. It's what my parents would have wanted. I stumbled before we reached the entrance door and went down. I landed on my bad arm, the bullet wound, and groaned in agony. I couldn't get up to save my life. Ethan bent down to get me, but Wes beat him to it. He gave Ethan a nod that said 'I've got her, save your energy'. I continued to curse and grumble as I was lifted and cradled into Wes's arms. I glanced up at him and smiled. He was cute. Probably in his mid twenties with a blonde buzz cut, square set face, and hazelnut eyes. He made eye contact with me, but only for a second. "You're going to be fine, Miss Reid."

A suited fellow held the door for Wes and pressed the elevator buttons. My eyelids kept fluttering, and my tunnel vision was pushing me to the point of nearly passing out again.

We exited the elevator onto the third floor, which was basically a hospital. Wes took the first door on the right and laid me on the bed. He immediately pulled an IV needle from a drawer and stuck it into the soft flesh on top of my left hand. I yelped but went quiet after that. He hooked all my tubing up, before  bringing me soup and a bottled water. He pulled up a chair and sat beside me. "Where are you hurting?" he asked sweetly.

I pointed with my right hand. "Here. I was shot through my shoulder when the agents attacked us at our house. Ethan did the best he could, and even got the bullet out." Wes looked me over before grabbing some scissors. He cut the left sleeve of my jacket, sweater, tshirt. After about ten minutes of steady scissor work, you could finally see my bandage from six days before.  Wes slowly peeled it back, and the sight of the would made me shudder. "Infected?" I knew the answer but I asked it anyways.

He confirmed "Most definitely." 

I sighed, knowing that this was the last thing my broken body needed. The bullet had been deep in my shoulder, and Ethan had been careful, but infection was pretty much inevitable. My wound was an angry red, and the skin around it was swollen and torn. Dried blood caked the area, and pus threatened to spill down my arm. Wes slipped out of the room and came back with a damp rag. As soon as he placed it onto my wound, I moaned in pain. 'Alcohol', I grimly thought to myself. Gritting my teeth together, I didn't say anything. When he finished cleaning my shoulder, he hooked up  IV to a bag of antibiotics and then left me to my soup and water.

I took several gulps of water before  I remembered to eat and drink slowly or else I'd be sick. My eyelids drew heavy and I couldn't finish my food. I sank into a deep, dark dream.


I opened my eyes to find myself back in the twisted wonderland. My heart droppped, and I weakly rose to my feet. The snow crunched under my soles as I ran pitifully, up until my legs gave out and I was propelled  forward onto my face. I twitched on the snow, my body numb and exhausted. I screamed for my sister, my mother, my father. I knew they weren't coming but I had to hope for something- I had to have something to scream for. I focused on the beautiful things I'd seen: my siblings being born, when my dad took Ethan, Camry, and I on an eight week trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, sky diving with Camry for our sixteenth birthday, the sunset when we lived in Florida. My mind drifted to those wonderful times. To the comfort of my mother's arm around me after a bad day of school, or the sound of my father praying over me at night, when he thought I was asleep. I would stay up to hear him each night, clenching my eyes shut tightly when I heard my door creak open. I was so blessed with love, I had everything I'd ever wanted, and now everything I needed had been stripped from me. Strength, guidance, love, safety, hope- they were all gone. 

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