Naruto: Uchiha Chronicles VIII

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Uchiha Chronicles

Episode VIII

Kenra and Riyuko are surveying the battle field, making plans to attack the enemy.

Kenra: Yo, Riyuko.

Riyuko: Hmm?

Kenra: I'm going to place bombs all over the open field over there.

Riyuko: Kenra, they would see you.

Kenra: I have a plan for that.

Kenra, slits his finger with his kunai and summons a flock of two hundred crows. The crows head out into the field and rest there.

Riyuko: So, now what? They're just gonna stay there and "block" their path?

Kenra: Our job is partially done here. We got a good seven minutes before the battle. Let's go back to the base and check on everybody else's ends.

Riyuko: Right.

The two of them head back while the crows sit on the field. They get to the base entrance and see the rest of their team.

Riyuko: How'd it go over at the tunnel? Any problems?

Yazu: Ran into a little opposition but it was handled. We took one prisoner. He's spilling his guts to Akane right now.

Kenra: Now we can focus on the frontal assault.

Miaki: How did that go?

Kenra: I have a surprise for them when they step on that field. So yes, for now it is taken care of.

Yazu: Good job guys, now let's see what we can do to help these guy's last leg a bit stronger.

Akane walks up to Team Two.

Akane: I take it you guys did everything you could while you did your recon and sealing job?

Yazu: Everything is taken care of on our end. How's the recovery rate of the troops?

Akane: A few have recovered but in total that's about twenty five men. We won't make any major counter attacks.

Yazu: Let me worry about that. Hey, guys let me talk to Akane alone please.

Team two walks inside the base.

Yazu: I need you to have your men stay and recover. Let me take about three of your men and we'll be stalling for time.

Akane: No! I'm not letting you do all the work. You'll be overrun in seconds.

Yazu: Hey. I know you don't like giving the burden to someone else but I need you to trust me on this one. You've been fighting long enough. So, I'm giving you time to rest with your men and regroup as much as you need to. So trust me.

Akane: (Sighs) For how long?

Yazu: When you see Riyuko come back to the base, then you know it's time to come with the cavalry.

A knocking on wood sound fills the area.

Akane: The battle has begun. They'll be here any minute now.

Yazu: K, go inside and tend to your men. Team!!

Team two regroups with Yazu and dashes to the battle field. Yazu gets to the battle field and see crows all over the place.

Yazu: Kenra, this is your doing?

Kenra: Yeah, this the surprise I was talking about.

Yazu: So, what's surprising about them? Don't keep us in the dark man.

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