Moon Pack's Attack

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Moon Spark~~~~~~~~~~~

I couldnt sleep during the night, I was thinking about Moon Fang and the profecy, who could Blood and Dark be, I thought about it all night, until I got it "Moon Wind´s stolen pups could be Blood and Dark!" but then there was Fire, Star and Black, then, my mind cleared, Fire,Star and Black were Wolf Fang´s pups!

"But of course!, why did it took me so much time to understand it?!" I waited till morning, then, just when the sun was going to rise, I ran as fast as I could to the forest to Wind Pack´s camp, but then, I heard some dogs talking, I followed the voices until I saw Dark Fang and other dog

"Yes Dark Fang, but, do you think it is good idea to attack them?" "But of course Lion Paw, we will put in practice your attack, now that they are weak" "Umm, but shouldnt we have told Black Moon about this?"Oh stop asking and go get the warriors to attack Star Pack" "Yes Dark Fang"

That totally shocked me, I ran as fast as I could to the camp, I got up the High Rock and howled as strong as I could, "Everyone join me at the High Rock!" all the dogs gathered down "Moon Pack is going to attack us now, but without their leader´s permission, I need all my warriors and hunters here, the others shall hide themselves!"

everyone got into panic, but then they started organizing themselves, then, I heard howls "They are coming!" I said, I jumped to the ground with all my warriors and hunters I howled and the others joined me, we ran into the warriors and jumped at them

A black dog jumped in my back, but I rolled and got him off, then I bited him in the neck, the dog howled loudly, I let him go, he ran into the forest, then I heard a loud howl coming from behind, it was Lion Fang, he was being attacked by a white and grey dog, I jumped into the dog and bitted him in the paw, the dog ran howling loudly to the forest,

there were very few, I spotted Dark Fang attaking Dark Tail, "HOW COULD YOU?!" I howled as loud as I could and got him off from Dark Tail, I bitt him in the ear until he bleeded horribly, "This is not over Dark Fang!" I howled as he ran to the forest making a thin trail of blood behind him.

I had some injuries in my back, but when I saw Dark Tail, he had much more, I ran to him, he needed help, I remembered there were some herbs near the camp that could close injuries, so I ran to the entrance, grabed some, and putted it on all his injuries, then I took him to my den

"We are close Dark Tail, hold on" I said as we entered my den, I layed him in my place, and stayed with him, after making sure he would be ok, I went out, there were not many injured dogs, but they looked really bad,

I went to Lion Fang "is everyone okay?" I asked "Yes Moon Spark, exept for him, I looked behind him, there was lying Dark Fang´s apprentice, I looked at him,he looked very bad, I nodded to Lion Fang, and then grabbed the poor pup into my den, I had told Freeze to take care of Dark Tail

"Dont worry" I told the apprentice "You will be fine" I went to the nursery to see Wolf Fang and the others "Its safe" I said, Moon Fang and the others went out, "Are you okay?" I asked Wolf Fang "Yes,Im fine" she licked me behind the ears, after spending some time with her, I went out,

I went to my den, I saw Dark Tail getting better, I went to see the apprentice, he was ok, "W-what happened?" he was weak, but he would heal fast, "Hi, you got really injured,so I brought you to my den" I said, he looked at me terrified, "What?, so, he left me..?" I was sure he was talking about Dark Fang "Do you want us to take you back to your pack?"

"No, thanks" he got currled up and went to sleep, I licked him before going to where Dark Tail was "How are you feeling?" I asked "Better," I looked at his injuries, he was healing slowly, but he would be okay, After making sure everyone was alright, I asked Lion Fang to come with me, then, we ran to the forest

I was going to ask Black Moon what did this meant, we ran until we got to a cave, There was Dark Pack´s camp, we entered slowly until we got to a big sharp rock, where Black Moon was talking "Black Moon!" I barked "Could I talk with you for a moment?" "yes Moon Spark, come," He guided us to a big room

"Can you explain the attack to our camp?" "Sorry Moon Spark,I didnt know Dark Fang was behind this, I didnt tell him to attack you, he will be kicked from Dark Pack, but beware, he might revenge on you"

"Thanks Black Moon" I said

So guys! did you like it? I hope so, Big final isnt it? so Dark Fang will be kicked from Dark Pack, but will he come back? will he attack Star Pack again? well, I am not a genius, so dont ask me, but until next time guys!

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