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Hey guys! Bare with me on this story's set up, this is the first time i've written one with two point of views. The parts with the italics are the one's that were written by my very good friend Evan :) 

It was a dark, starry night and Amelia sat on the sidewalk with her hands stuffed in her pockets. She gazed up at the sky and a small smirk crossed her face. "Stars serve as hope, too bad hope isn't real." I stand up and walk down the sidewalk. As i'm walking I space out and bump into A young boy. "Oh, sorry." he doesn't say anything. He just keeps walking. "Hmph, the least he could do is acknowledge me." I roll my eyes and continue walking.He snickers at my comment and continues to walk away. The small puppy with him barks and it starts to rain. I stick out my hand and let the small droplets of rain run down my finger tips. "What a beautiful substance." I stop and admire the rain. I glance back at the boy for a moment and cringe. "There's something off about him. "He glances back at me and walks a little faster. "It would be in my best interest not to meet anyone tonight." I smirk and walk a little ways behind him. "My curiosity's peeked, let's see who this guy is." He makes a couple of turns and goes into an auto mail shop. 'Auto mail, huh?' I walk past the shop and glance inside. 'Wonder why he went in there.' I shrug and keep walking. "Maybe he wasn't as interesting as I thought." He looks through the window. "That was close." he sighs. He takes off his jacket and sets Sage on the ground and she runs around the shop. The windows in the shop are covered with news paper. Along the walls are shelves full of wrenches, screwdrivers, nuts, bolts, nails, and auto mail parts. In the back corner there is a spiral staircase leading upstairs. And in the center of the shop is a work station with a cash register.  He takes off his shoulder bag and dumps out a bunch of wanted posters with his face on them from around town. "That took forever huh Sage?" He says to the puppy. I walk over to a small, run down house and quietly step through the door. I toss my stuff on the floor and pick up a picture frame with a women in it. I sigh and close my eyes. "I wonder who that boy was." "That girl wasn't from around here or I would have recognized her."  He blows out the candles around the shop.  He picks up the puppy and walk up the spiral stair case. I set the picture down in front of me. I walk into a worn down bedroom and light a match. "Mom would be disappointed if she saw how I was living now.." I laugh a bit. "Oh well." I lay down across the floor and close my eyes. A few minutes later I hear footsteps downstairs.  He turn off the lights up stairs and lays down on a bed built inside the wall. The light from the moon shines into the room through the circular window above the bed. I walk down stairs to inspect the noise and find a small puppy walking around. " look like that pup I saw earlier.." I pick her up and look at her tags. "Sage." She wags her tail and I smile. "What a cute dog, we better get you back to your owner." I set her  down. He falls asleep. She licks my face and barks happily. I pat her head and smile. "Come on Sage." I walk toward the door and whistle. She follows me out. "Lead the way." The little Labrador runs down the ally and stops at the auto mail shop. She whines and scratches at the door. "The Automail shop?" I look down at her. "This is where you live?" I shrug and bang on the door. He falls out of bed. "What the hell?" He says tiredly. He staggers down the stairs and opens the door.

I give a weak smile and point down at Sage. "She was walking around my house, so I brought her back."

"Oh shit." He picks her up. "Thanks..."

I nod and pat her head one last time and smile. "If she comes back again, I can't promise i'll bring her back, she's too cute."

He bites his lip. "Thanks for bringing her back. She's all I got left. I don't usually do this got any automail?"

I give him a look and nod. "Yeah actually, my leg and my arm." I roll up my sleeve and pant leg, revealing the shiny metal limbs.

"you need a touch up? I'll do it for free."

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