Claws 24 - Full of Himself

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I stood there for a few minutes, somehow all dressed ready for work, and took in the moment. Alli didn’t intrude. I could hear her moving and talking very quietly with Special but nothing that intruded on my shocked state. I had just witnessed nanotech as it was speculated about in all the journals and novels I’d read. It had been just minutes and my house was back to, it’s old self. Special had deactivated the node and had literally dissolved in front of my eyes as the material making him was returned to its former state. My house was rock solid again. Even though Special had said it would look brand new, I couldn’t actually tell the bloody difference.

I turned to look at Alli. She had an air screen up in front of her and was rapidly moving icons around as she kept up a soft mumble. She winked at me, appeared satisfied with whatever she’d been doing and closed off the screen. I pointed to the squash ball sized sphere sitting on the floor of my bedroom. “Is that the node Special activated to save us.”

Alli laughed, “he’s quite the show off you know,” she said going over and picking it up. “He really didn’t have to do all that, how do you say; whizz bangery.”  I frowned, “what!”

“Well he could’ve remotely activated our suits and held us in stasis till he got here via the node in the shuttle, the 4wd. But no, he likes you and wanted to show off, as well as carry out numerous other things. Special’s such a dear but quite, but quite ‘full of himself’ at times! Like your little request for the volcano jaunt. He didn’t have to do any of that accreting that extra insulation, but you gave him an opportunity to show off and he did.”

I looked around bewildered, yet thinking of everything that had happened in the last two days. “Full of himself, fuck it. Now I'm hanging out with a hyper intelligent multi nodal AI with an ego, shit Alli. Will the revelations ever stop?”

“For you lover, nope, never. Especially if you ahm, ‘hitch a ride with us cobber’, it will be a very steep learning curve for you, too right mate!” Alli giggled her bird like twitter giggle and I sat down on my bed and shook my head. 

“I really need to crash for a bit, and there's no way I can see myself working for Nicko today not after all this!”

“No need lover, I was sorting out our replacements there before, and creating our cover story. It appears you’ve won a luxury round the world cruise for two and, ahm, asked me to come with you." Alli gave me her big smile and smiled feebly back to her. "I’ll pop around to the shop and break the news to Nicko, tell him your sleeping off the celebration and help the new people get up to speed on my management systems.”

I just stared at her, “I can see why your hands were moving so fast now, far out.” I began to take off my shoes and socks. The ‘new’ floor rug felt beautiful under my feet and I rubbed them backwards and forwards a few times feeling the exquisite half tickle half massage feeling that a good carpet gave.

I looked up at Alli watching me, “what did you mean by, improvements to my house?” Alli giggled again.

“Special is such a dear. Your garage now has a stasis room beneath its floor so we can park Ship in there. All of your walls are now reinforced and shielded and, well you tell him dear ...” Alli said to the room in general.

Specials voice came from all around me. Shit I'm inside him now, I thought.

“Ah, yes sir, well sir. I now have a fully functioning node as part of your house sir. Thank you madam.” I’m sure there was severe sarcasm in that thank you. “And sir, I have taken the liberty to allow certain investments you didn’t know you had to redirect their interest, so your home is now yours sir, with no liabilities to any one. Also, the same applies to your mother’s unit and to an account that should do quite well over the coming years that will cover all her health and carer costs while you are away! Your turn Madam?”

“Ahm, yes, Special. thank you. We or I really, took the liberty to select some carers and establish a roster so that your mother will have someone to see her everyday and extra care if there are any untoward accidents.”

I just sat there with my mouth open, unable to speak. “Oh and I’ve let your family know that you will be away for some months.” I stared at her, “Oh no! Anything from them, any words of farewell?”

“Sir, your sister just said ‘typical’ and your brother, just that you’re a, bastard; and he’ll have every Jaeger operative under his command trying to assassinate you!”

“Yeah that’d be bloody right!” I shook my head, I really needed to sleep now. “Look you two can obviously take better care of my life than I can, so I’m just going to go to sleep for a few years and you can wake me up after the Singularity is over. Thank you!”

Alli giggled loudly. Special just said, “Sir?”

“Oh Special dear, its human sarcasm dear.” “Yes madam, quite madam!”

I rolled over and pulled the pillow in under my head, partly dreading what lay ahead of me but too bloody exhausted to think about it. “... and Special.”

“Yes sir.” “If you play any back ground music or ambient sounds to help me sleep, so help me. I’ll ...” “No need to worry sir, I quite understand sir.”

I doubt it, I thought then zzzzzzzz.

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