Chapter Two: Pauly!

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Me and the lads walked into the stadium. We were checking it out before anyone was let in, even though we weren't supposed to be there. I walked in and my mouth fell open in awe.

I heard Liam chuckle next to me. I made a face before exclaiming, "Woah! This place is huge!" At that moment, I spotted a girl. She turned and shouted, "Children!" pointing a stick at us. It looked like one of those Harry Potter wands, except it was real.

A ball of fire shot at us and Harry turned to run. Zayn ducked, and Liam and Louis pulled me behind them. All I heard was shouts of pain before passing out.


I woke up to giggles and fingers poking at my sides. Slowly, I opened my eyes. It was the men I had hit with the curse! Except.... I gasped. They weren't men anymore! They were still boys, but... children!

I sat up and they backed away. "Who are you guys?" I asked in a shaky voice. "I'm Liam! This is Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry!" One of them grinned. I sighed.

"How old are you?" Louis stepped forward, grinning, "I'm six! Zayn and Liam are five, Niall is four and Harry is three!" I nodded. "Alright. I'm Serenity, and I'm eleven." Harry nods and blushes, cuddling into Louis' side.

Louis smiled and hugged him. I grinned. They were so adorable! I shook my head and stood. This was a problem! I grabbed my phone and typed in my mom's number.

"Hello?" She answered. I sighed and took a deep breath. "Mom, I just cursed the biggest band in the world!" She grumbled quietly, "Which curse?"

"I forget the name. But they're children now!" I cried. The boys watched curiously, interested. Their eyes widened as if they could read the words. I heard my mom gasp and bit my lip with wide eyes. "Serenity! That curse doesn't have a counter! It was lost a long time ago!"

I sighed at her scolding and hung up. She was no help. "Where did you come here from?" I asked them quietly, plopping onto the floor. Niall piped up, "Pauly brought us here!" I looked at him. "Is he here?" Harry shook his head. "Anyone have his number?" Louis waved his hand and handed me a phone.

"Number three!" He grinned. I nodded and stood, glancing over them. "You guys stay here? and cover yourselves up?" I wrinkled my nose when I realised they were naked.

They all giggled and nodded, running to get their clothes. I dialled three and went into the empty bathroom. A gruff voice answered, "Louis, I'm not in the mood." I giggled quietly.

"This is..... 'Pauly', right?" I asked. It's always good to check. I heard a quiet groan and quickly added, "Don't hang up! It's important!" He sighed, "What?"

"Well, the boys are in a sort of.. prediciment..."


Sorry it was so short!!

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