Chapter 10

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Karly's POV:

The following morning I jolt awake, remembering I have school.

"Shit oh shit, I'm going to be late!" I say rummaging around my stuff.

Luckily for me I was smart enough to grab my things, not even bothering to change my clothes I slip my shoes on and look over to Soundwave whom is staring at me.

"Sorry if I disturbed ya Sounds, but I have to get to school, so see you later!" I call.

He grabs me up by the ankle with his tentacle making me squawk in surprise.

"I thought we were over this man?!" I snarl

He throws me in the air before transforming as I land in the cockpit of his jet.

"Your taking me?" I question excitedly.

"Duh." I hear a little kids voice drawl.

I roll my eyes.

"Alright smart ass, take me to school." I growl.

A smiley face blips up on his screen making me snort, but also making me heart flutter annoyingly enough.

Once he makes it a good distance away from my school, he drops me off, literally onto the ground and leaves.

"Asshole!" I snarl.

I can practically see the amusement rolling off of him…Asshole. Dusting myself off I stalk towards the school, already wishing I could chase Soundwave down and go back to the cave with him and to forget this place even existed…But my parents would get suspicious if I have an absence so that's not a good idea.

Stuffing my hands into my pockets, I walk up the steps of the school only to get stopped by none other than Victoria.

"Hey!" She calls.

I sigh

"What?" I question.

She smiles at me, surprising the shit out of me.

"I was wondering if you'd like to be friends?" She grins.

I give her the look as if she's a spawn of Satan, making her chuckle before she turns serious.

"I'm serious, you're the first kid to ever stand up to me. That's what I've been wanting, truthfully it's hard to tell if kids are wanting to be my friend for my money or actually be my TRUE friend. Like Ashlyn and Anna, they only follow me around because my parents are business partners with their parents, and their parents tell them to hang out with me. I know I've been a bitch to you but I wanted to be your friend, and I wanted to see if you'd be scared of me just because my parent are rich like the other kids. But now I know you don't give a shit if I was Chuck Norris or some other person, you aren't taking shit from me." She smiles.

She holds her hand out, her brown hair getting in her face slightly because of the wind

"Friends?" She questions.

I think it over, before shrugging.

"Sure, but if this is some sort of joke I'll kick your ass." I say in my normal voice.

She laughs.

"Of course." She says.

"I'm serious." I deadpan.

She chuckles

"I know."

She holds her hand out to me again.

"Victoria Wolfe, nice to meet you." She grins.

I smirk and take her hand.

"Karly Harlem." I say shaking it.

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