Chapter 13

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"We'll help you find him, Seraphina." Paul said reassuringly. Justice and I exchanged looks.

"We won't have to look far. I know where he is, exactly." Seraphina looked at me expectantly.

"Where is he? and it's just Sera." she corrected. Paul nodded taking note and I continued

"In Vegas, the opposite of where we need to go." Sera looked at me in pain. I knew that look, I had lived that look, the pain of being separate from the one you love most. Paul had that look sometimes...but I don't think it was for me... Sometimes I feel like Paul wished Linda had come back instead of me.... I shook my head to rid myself if the self depressing thought.

"No, you have to take me to him."

"We don't have to do anything." Ringo pipped up. "We didn't even have to pick you up." a new pain replaced the previous as she began to wonder if the only people she could trust at the moment where going to kill her. of course we wouldn't, but she didn't know that. I sighed.

"We can send him a message and tell him where to meet us in England." she nodded still conflicted. "It's the only chance you've got. Because we can't go back." I walked to the front and into the cockpit. George looked up a moment and smiled.

"Hey Laila," He turned on autopilot and turned to me.

"George, what do you think we should do? About Sera and Vince." He looked on sympathetically.

"We have clearance to land in Heathrow in 20 minutes. I think we should land and I can fly to get him." I started shaking my head before the words were out of his mouth.

"No. No way, we can't lose you, George. Justice will kill me." He chuckled and smiled wisely.

"Who else will?"

"He has a private jet." I looked at him.

"That could work." I laughed as he turned back to the controls and taking over again. I stood and kissed his head like you would a child and made my way back to Paul. He smiled when he saw me and pulled me onto his lap. Giggles erupted from my mouth until it connected with his and all I could do was smile and stare into his beautiful mocha eyes. Though aged, they were still his eyes, still my baby. I smiled peacefully and curled up on his lap.

"Since you are older now, you should probably tell me when we reach a limit of anything. If I weigh too much or you're tired or anything." Paul's eyes widened.

"I feel so doubted." he said pulling on a fake pout. Actually, it could have been real.

"I don't doubt you, Paul, I just don't want you getting hurt." I traced lines over the white shirt covering his chest. "I..." I took a deep breath and thought of how I would say this. I've never been good with words. "I can't...lose you...again. Especially when it's so....permanent this time..." My words came out choppy and confounding, but my love, he understood. He sighed and nodded. I could see pride bright in his eyes, so I prepared for a fight. But none came. I frowned and looked at him then whispered in his ear.

"What's wrong?"

"Not making a scene, babe." I smiled satisfied and kissed his neck.

"When we get to ground, baby."

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