cH.1 This one time...

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at band camp.

"Welcome, fresh-meat." A senior glanced my group's direction.

"Thanks" the cocky little brat I am responded.

He looked shocked, obviously not actually expecting a freshmen to respond to the remark.

The director had is sit in sections where we warmed our instruments up and he began to talk.

"One of the very few activities in the world where it is required of you to use both parts of your brain." The instructor was going on, and on and on.

I looked about the room as to not fall asleep. In the coroner of the room a guy was leaning on the door frame, leg crossed over the other and arms folded against his chest. His hair a shade darker than night itself standing at about 6' tall.

He just happened at the same time to look in my direction a I was staring at him through layers of my bangs that swooped in front of my face. With a quick jester he winked and walked through the band room doors.

"You sure can spot'em" A voice behind me said, causing me to jump 10 feet into the air.

"sorry, didn't mean to scare, I'm Candice. But everyone calls me Candy."


"We'll Angie, stay away from that one. He's got lost puppies after him since he moved here" She jestered to the coroner of the room where a group of girl giggled in exaggeration.

"I see" surprisingly it sounded a little upset.

"Chill girl he's still good eye candy." She sounded so sure. I now took the time yo actually look at Candy.

She looked like her name. Her hair was a chocolate brown with lighter highlights and her tips were the color of Double Bubble bubblegum. And didn't stand more than 5'3''.

"Come on, let me introduce you to some people."

Candy sat me next to 3 other people.

"Angie meet my homies, Garrett, Jake, and Fay."

"Don't ever let me hear you say that word again" Fay laughed. Her blonde hair was natural, with ocean blue eyes, and wearing a pair of blue jeans and a band tee that I've never heard of.

"Agreed" Both boys said at the same time.

The first that Candy pointed to me was Garrett, he had shaggy light brown hair, and wore a pair of tan shorts and a plaid shirt of some kind. First thing that popped about him was the size of his arms. this boy had to work out... Dang!

The other, Jake. Was basically the complete opposite of everyone here. He had Brown undertones in his hair and bright obviously fake blonde hair. He wore a tee that had One Republic on it, and a pair of bluejean shorts.

As if on cue all three said "Hey, Angie"

"That was creepie" I instantly reply.

"You wanna talk about creepie? Hey Fay remember that time when Candy decided it would be a good idea to creep in a certain someone's house?"

"No! Don't you dare start on that story in front of Angie, she thinks I'm normal" Candy instantly intruded Jake's apparent story.

"Not anymore, now tell me this story!" I spoke up.

"I like her! Mom can we keep it?!!" Jake exaggerated in Candy' s Direction

I liked these people already. We got into conversations almost instantly. These people were awesome!!

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