"Oh god!" I yelled up the stairs, running out of the kitchen.

"What?" Lizzy asked, running down the stairs, her face anxious.

"Remember how we had leftover pasta, the night before we were kidnapped, and you were going to have it for breakfast?" I moaned. Lizzy nodded, confused. "Well it may or may not still be on the bench, and it may or may not be the grossest thing I have ever seen."

"Ew!" Lizzy yelled.

"My advice, never eat anything in here again, or at least not until we have had some serious cleaning done. I'm calling Liam and blaming him for this." I said, going into the lounge, where I found more unwashed dishes. "God." I muttered, going upstairs, which seemed to be the only untouched place.

I dialled Liam's number, and he picked upon the third ring.

"Hello Nat, are you ready?" He asked. They had gone down to the local dairy to buy some drinks cause they were thirsty.

"Nope." I replied, and I could almost see the smile drop on his face.

"What's wrong?" He asked anxiously.

"Oh nothing, just the fact, that when you get kidnapped, all your food goes off, and our kitchen smells like the most disgusting rubbish dump in the world." I said, and Liam let out a bark of laughter.

"I guess we kinda forgot about that." He said, still laughing.

"This is a serious matter. That was my favourite fridge." I said, pretending to sob.

"I'm sorry then." Liam replied sarcastically.

"You should be!" I said, trying to keep from laughing.

"Well I am." He laughed, opening my door. "I'm back." He grinned, and I smiled back.

"YAY!" I yelled, running and jumping into his arms.

"I was gone for like five minutes." He laughed, although he did manage to catch me.

"I know, but I'm just so happy to be home, even if it does stink! And also it's been too long since I've talked properly with you, cause I was being slightly obstinate." I laughed.

"True." Liam grinned, and carried me down the stairs.

"PDA!" Louis yelled as we came into the hallway, in between kissing Lizzy.

"HYPOCRITE!" I yelled back, making Zayn and Harry jump. I leapt out of Liam's arms, snatched Lizzy's hand, and ran out the door, tugging her with me.

"Let's hide." I laughed, running off. I was in such a good mood. Even though I loved Liam and the other boys, and I had been having a good time overseas, I missed home, a lot.

Lizzy followed after me, laughing as well. I heard the boys following behind us, but we soon lost them, due to the simple fact, that we knew Auckland better than them.

"You know what this is reminding me of?" Lizzy asked, and I shook my head, sitting down on a random bench that we were next to.

"When we used to play hide and seek, when we got really bored." She smiled.

"Of course. We should play it sometime, whilst we're still here." I smiled, and Lizzy nodded.

Suddenly my phone rang, blaring out, and destroying the peace.

"Hi Liam." I said, not bothering to look at the caller ID.

"Who's Liam?" Said someone in an Italian accent. I barely held back a laugh. I put the phone on speaker, and motioned for Lizzy to come over.

"Ci dispiace, devi avere il numero sbagliato. Quale parte di Italia sei?" I said, and Lizzy gave me a strange look (Sorry, you must have the wrong number. What part of Italy are you from?)

"Uh, Buongiorno!" The man replied, trying to hold up the accent.

"Liam, you suck at Italian." I laughed, and he groaned.

"Where are you anyway?" He asked.

"The Domain. Near the Cricket grounds." I said.

"We'll be right there." He said, and hung up instantly.

"I've got to teach him some proper Italian, if he's going to keep doing that." I said.

"Yeah, you are." Lizzy replied, sitting down again.

"And now we wait." I said, joining her.

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