Chapter 28

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(A/N): Hey Guys! Sorry about the cliffhangers lately! Hahaha. Anyway... I was thinking about making a little contest :) Here it is... For the next 3 Chapters... (Chapter 28, 29, 30) I'm gonna make questions. The first one to PM me all the correct answers wins a dedication :) any questions about the contest, PM me :)


Emma's POV:

"I... Uh... I was just wondering if you wanted to go to prom with me?" He asked looking EXTREMELY nervous! I wasn't really shocked because my Amber and Elsa already ruined the surprise for me but still I was ecstatic that someone actually asked me to prom. And its my SENIOR prom! What could be better than going with your best friend right? But for some unknown reason, when I Riley asked me, Louis' face came to my mind. Its silly, I know but I just want to know why?

I bit the side of my lower lip like I always do when I'm nervous or thinking. "Hmm" I started off making Riley as anxious as ever then I cracked a huge smile. "YES!" I said then hugged him as if he had just proposed to me.

Riley's face was priceless!


Prom is in 2 days so I've got literally no time to prepare! I've already got my dress, hair and makeup will be done by Aubrey... Okay don't think this was a deal or something cause it wasn't. Aubrey IS younger than me but she can do makeup really really well!


I woke up to my normal ringtone. Great, back to school.

I got up and went to take a quick shower. I got out then went to go get dressed. I chose my long sleeved white and black striped shirt tucked into my dark blue skater skirt. I woke highcut converse to go with my outfit. I put my hair up into a messy bun then drove to school. The second I entered school, all eyes were on me. Great... Just what I need.

I walked like an awkward penguin to my locker until I saw Riley and Amber. Thank the heavens! "What's with all the staring? I'm starting to feel a little insecure!" I said to them then looked into my small locker mirror to see if anything was on my face. "Girl, you've been the hottest talk in school lately! You're the most popular girl in school now! Be proud!" Amber said all excited. "Oh God. Why?" I asked, not exactly happy.

"Uh, because you were living with One Direction for a month or so? Come on Ems... Be happy" she smiled. "I am but... You know how I feel about the populars? I hate them!" I said an Riley laughed, "good that Emma is still Emma" he smiled. "And what is that supposed to mean, Ryls?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Well, some people get big headed from all the attention... And you're not gonna get big headed right?" He punched me lightly. "Of course not!" I said then the bell rang.

"See you guys later okay?" I smiled then closed my locker. I made my way to first period which was World History with Mr Lundy. Hooray.

I took my seat which was right next to the window. I like my seat cause I can daydream in peace and it helps that Mr Lundy is as blind as a bat. "Okay class, please turn to page 80 of your text books. Now, who can tell me all the names of the past presidents of the United States?" He asks the class... "McKenzie..." He points out. "Can you tell us?" Mr Lundy asks and McKenzie looks at him in pure annoyance.

She answered him but I didn't really catch what he said because I received a text from Ally! Oh gosh, I miss her!

From AllyKins;)--

Babe, we miss you!! :(

I smiled.

To AllyKins;)--

Oh gosh thank you for texting me babe! I'm in the middle of World History and I'm half dead already! Its pointless to learn this shit anyway! They're all dead anyway! :P Aw, I miss youuuu guysss toooo. Even Louis. Can't believe I just said that! -.-

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