Best Day Ever

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Rydel's P.O.V

I smiled, I'm no longer a lynch.

Rydel Ratliff. It's got a ring to it 😉.

~ 15 minuets later ~

We finished eating and it was time for the cake! I didn't get to see it yet, neither did Ratliff.

Everyone was gathered around, Ellingon holding on to my waist,

"Ready... Tada!" Mom said and the waiters came out with the cake.

I gasped, "it's amazing!" I said

It was white, with pink and green flowers twirled around it, the R5 logo was on the top layer, on the second layer there was a picture of a keyboard and drumsticks it was keyboard + drumsticks = heart, on the third layer it said "here comes forever" on the top there was a mini bride and groom.

"Sweettt" Ellington said

"Ok time for the first piece!" Mom said while everyone got their cameras out.

I laughed Ellington helped me cut a piece out and we both held a pice of cake on our forks, we were going to feed it to each other 😂

Instead Ellington put some on my face! I laughed and did the same to him.

Then everyone sat and ate, after about 15 minuets music came on, everyone went to the dance floor.

They played some slow music, Ellington and I went to dance with everyone.

He had his hands around my waist and my arms were around his neck, and I was resting on his shoulder.

"I love you" he said

I laughed, "you know you say that a lot"

"Well because it's true" he chuckled

"I know, I love you too" I said

I saw my mom take another picture of us dancing with her "professional camera" AGAIN.

"Why does my mom keep taking pictures of us" I asked

He laughed, "she's happy that's all"

I laughed, "your probably right"

I saw my brothers dancing with there girls, next to us was Ross and Laura, swaying back and fourth, foreheads touching. I smiled

"I'm so happy my brothers aren't lonely" I said

"Yeah.. Except for little Ryland" ell said

"We should do something! Maybe hook him up with someone Oh! Maybe that -" I was cut off by ell

"It's fine del. let him do what he wants, let him fall in love just like we all did" he said

I sighed, "you probably right. I mean look how it turned out for us" I said smiling.

"Exactly" he said

Then the music went off, I didn't know why.

"Okay everyone! Time for the gifts!!" Mom squealed

"Gifts?" I said

"Wedding gifts silly!" Raini said

I had a confused look on my face but mom made us sit down.

I just grabbed the first one,

I read the card, ell looking over my shoulder, it was from his parents.

"congratulations Rydel and Ellington! We are both so happy for you guys, We hope you have wonderful adventures with each other and be happy. Best of wishes and love,

Cheryl & George "

"Awe thanks Cheryl and g-" I began

"Oh you can call us mom and dad!" They went

I chuckled, "thank you mom and dad"

I have the card to ell and opened the gift, I pulled it out, it was a glass statue of a man and women kissing each other and a heart in between.

"It's beautiful. I love it!" I said

"Thanks mom" he said

"Just a little house warming gift that's all" she smiled

I looked over to ell, I forgot about the house thing.

"Rydel open the next one" mom said while i was stuck in thought.

The rest were just house warming gifts and stuff, all amazing.

"That looks like our end to the perfect night!" Dad said

"Thank you all for joining us, and have a good night!" Mom said

Ell and I stood by the door, saying our goodbyes and thank you's to everyone, while my brothers and the girls were helping clean up.

When every "congratulations" was said and everyone left, ell look to me and smiled.

"What?" I giggled

He picked me up and spinned me around, I laughed then he set me down and kissed me.

His hand was under my chin and my hands around his neck, slowly tugging on each others lips.

We slowly pulled away.

"Rydel, Ellington, come here" Riker said

We went over to them, "come on everyone" mom said leading us to a room.

She opened it and there was couches, a warm fire, and presents under a Christmas tree.

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