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Chapter 49

I turn around to face one of my biggest decisions in my life. Being dramatic, sorry. But I'm serious! Breaking up with someone is serious chiz, you know? (Heh, chiz.) Nyssa smiles innocently at me. Oh...she has no idea I'm probably about to break her favorite brother's heart. Did I just reveal something I shouldn't have? Whoops. Heh.

Breaking up with Harry for Jake? I mean, breaking up with Jake for Harry. Mental facepalm. Idiot-land, population, me. I may be overthinking this, but I am not certain if I really should do this. I think back to previous times Harry has made me cry.

* flashback flashback flashback *

"My dorm partner..." I choke into the phone. That was the very beginning of it all. "...he kissed me!" I sob. I resorted to Jake for help. Jake. Sweet, innocent Jake. The one who was there when my parents fought. The one when I couldn't stay at home. He's always been there. And I'm just throwing it all away. Why does that sound like a song?

"She threw it all away..."

Maybe I should learn the guitar someday. It'd be fun. Anyhow, continuing this flashback.

"I'm a terrible girlfriend!" I yelp into the phone. I am. I lied to him already about Harry, I should've told him what really happened.

"Shhhh. It's okay..." I remember his soothing voice coming through the crappy phone. As much as I love it, it has a few cracks in the screen. I really need to get that fixed. Though, there's a few memories I've experienced with this thing. Sentimental with a phone, I know, I'm crazy. Hah. I'M CRAZY IT'S TRUE! Heh. I listen to too many songs. I'm awesome like that... His soothing voice. Something that I'll lose as soon as I break it. Break the relationship. Break the bond that's formed over the years. Possibly damage the bonds with his siblings...this is a lot more complicated than I thought. Well, no shit Sherlock it's complicated. I swear to God.

* present time present time *

"SYD! SYD. SYDNEY!" Nyssa calls, furiously shaking my shoulders. Crap. My fault for flashing back to the past. I'd flashback further, but you know, on a schedule here. I chuckle nervously. My eyes settle on the tall figure standing next to her. Oh, even better. She huffs in relief. "It worked, thanks." she furrows her eyebrows, searching me for something. Well, there's definitely a lot she should be searching for. It's layer after layer after layer after layer and, well, you get the idea. Harry takes a look at me as well. I give him a "fuck off" look. I'd rather have hum not be here anymore. Well, currently. I am doing this for him, after all. For him. That's why I'm doing it. Well that's a stupid reason...my subconscious adds. She picks this moment to be rational and logical. Such a nose. Such an Erudite. That's me sometimes... Harry scowls a little and walks off. My eyes widen at his direction. It's in the way of the dorm. I point at Harry, no words

make their way out of my mouth. I let out a squeak instead...heh. "He's going to the dorms..." she trails off. She looks at me and the direction Harry ran off in. She does this for 2 minutes. Then, her eyebrows almost pop off. Yes, they were that high if you're wondering. I think she got the idea. I bite my lip and nod. She blinks rapidly at me.

"I'm so sorry Nyssa." I choke. Tears brim her eyes.

"I get it." she nods in understanding. "Love is pretty crazy, eh?" she laughs a little. She wipes her eyes and pulls me into an embrace. Nice to know there's someone I can turn to in their family. Even if she's the only one.

"Crazy." I laugh. "It's just...Frankie...I seriously love him to death, but I feel like there's something with Harry that isn't with him." I confide.

"I thought I would kill you if you ever did this to my brother, but I guess it is what it is." she shrugs. "I understand, but don't break his heart more than needed." Nyssa points accusingly. I chuckle at her light-heartedness, but nod.

"I guess..." I scrunch my face. "It's time." I say. Feels official. Crap.

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