Chapter Fourteen

Song of the chapter - American Horror Story Theme

Days Left: 187

The running water from the shower interrupted my slightly deep sleep. My eyes were open and were looking up at the decent fan which I had in my extensive room. It was nice. Everything in my house was nice, but I didn't like it. I mean, I liked it but then I didn't like it. The nicest belongings in this house made me feel rich. It made me feel like I was in the upper class which was nice but yet, it made me feel like a complete snobby rich girl. My parents always made my life easy for me. I didn't have to do much to get what I wanted or needed, that's why almost everyone thought I was snobby. They didn't speak to me though. They just took my appearance and judged me off of my looks. In reality though, I was the opposite of snobby. I was a fairly pleasant person to be around according to the group of friends that I spend my time with. I just don't get-

My thoughts were interrupted by a few knocks on the bedroom door. I reached my hand out and turned on the lamp that sits beside the bed. I sat up and dragged myself out of bed and to the door, opening it. Ryan was standing there with a white towel wrapped around his waist. I gave him a confused expression before he began talking.

"If I let you help, you promise not to say anything around Justin."


"And if he asks about anything, don't say a word. You leave the speaking to me and Chaz. You act like you're a dumb blonde at that moment."

"But I'm a brunette."

"Obviously. Now..."

Ryan began darting his eyes around the hallway as if he was looking for a clock. Finally, he stuck his head into my room and looked at the little digital clock I had on my desk. His eyes squinted a bit and a groan slipped out of his mouth.

"I can't read that. Can you tell me what time it is ?"

I turned to look at the clock also and read the white numbers.

"5:21... AM. Why are you even going so early."

"Because if we go when it's dark out, it's harder for us to be seen and caught."

He scanned me up and down, taking in every detail and bit his lip. I swear I heard him whisper, "Damn girl." I rolled my eyes and flicked his forehead.

"Justin's gonna kill you if I tell him that you were checking me out."

"I wasn't checking you out. I was simply looking at your features. Justin's lucky though. He's got you. Go get ready."

I nodded and shut the door in his face. I went to go brush my teeth (yes at this time) and just washed my face for about a minute or two. I patted my cheeks and forehead dry and walked over to my closet, swinging the door open and stepping inside the oversized (well, I think it's oversized) closet. I grabbed a black t-shirt, a black jacket, a pair of black jeans, and black floral Doc Marten's, just to make the outfit better. I stripped out of my pajamas and began to change into what I shall now call it "a capture suit." I laughed quietly to myself and shook my head, feeling like a complete idiot by making up names for outfits.

I slid on some socks and then stuck my feet into the shoes, quickly tying the laces and running out of the room with my phone in my right hand and black sunglasses in the other.

I walked down the hall then the stairs with one hand on the railing. I hopped off the last step and ran to the kitchen, opening the fridge with absolute happiness until I saw that there was barely anything inside. There was food alright but nothing I really wanted to eat. For example, the half eaten sandwich that Chaz threw in there like two days ago was still in there and the overripe banana was just being an overripe banana.

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