Chapter 4


My hair appointment lasted longer than I would have liked.  My hairstylist, slash girlfriend Jeanette, was short on help because one of her best technicians was out on maternity leave.  So she was running an hour and a half behind on all of her appointments.  The trip to the mall to pick up something sexy to wear for my dinner date with Kevin never happened.  Now I’m driving like a crazy woman trying to get home, and get ready before he shows up at my door at six thirty.  I have all of forty-five minutes to get drop dead gorgeous. 

Lola’s is my favorite restaurant in all of Dallas, and Kevin has pretty much guaranteed himself some off the charts sex again tonight.  Even though my body feels like it has been tossed around like a bean bag, I still can’t ignore the desire for Kevin that is slowly starting to burn inside my laced panties.  After all these years, just the thought of him still does it for me.

Tonight I’m wearing a silver lamé pantsuit, with nothing but my silver thong underneath.  The fabric clings to my body in all the right places, and I have on a pair of silver sandals that really set the outfit off.  My girl styled my hair in an upsweep, with long spiral curls cascading around the contours of my face. 

When Kevin arrived at exactly six-thirty on the dot, I was ready and waiting for him.


Kevin took a moment to catch his breath when I opened the door. 

“Baby, you look amazing!  These are for you.”

He hands me a dozen white roses.

“Ooohhh Kevin, they’re beautiful.  Thank you.”

He’s looking fyne in his chocolate brown Armani suit, and mustard colored silk shirt that is open at the neck.  There ain’t nothing sexier than a man who can sport a finely made designer suit.

I gave him a nice wet kiss on his sexy full lips to show my gratitude for the flowers, and then left him standing in the foyer while I put the flowers in a vase.  Once the flowers were centered on my dining room table, we were on our way to the restaurant.

  The weather was perfect.  When we arrived at the restaurant the first thing we saw was a long line of people waiting outside for someone not to show up.  Lola’s is the hottest spot in town, so there’s no chance of someone canceling a reservation.  Especially on a night like tonight.  

The ambiance couldn’t have been better.  Being with Kevin was close to perfection.  I must admit I have on more than one occasion envisioned such a night like tonight; where Kevin finally steps up to the plate, and makes an honest woman out of me. And seeing how all of a sudden this invite came about after knocking some serious boots last night, maybe tonight will be thenight.  

“Char baby, where were you just now?  You didn’t hear a word I said did you?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Kevin.  Did you say something?”

“Yes baby, I asked you if you were going to have your signature salmon tonight, or are you going to be adventurous and try something new?”

“Well you know I do like my salmon just like I like my men, black, but I amfeeling adventurous tonight” I smiled.  “So I think I will take a leap of faith, and try the filet mignon.  Now how’s that for adventurous?”

“Whoa, I can’t believe it.  You mean to tell me, ‘Ms. I Only Eat White Meat or Fish’, is going to actually take a ride on the wild side and eat some beef?  Wonders never cease” he says. 

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