Chapter 12: A New Friend

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[Authors note: Quick shoutout to Kloey. Her Instagram is @Kloey770 and she is awesome. She came up with some ideas for this chapter. If you're reading this.... Gurl whaddup? ^^ and Pewds hit 18 million today!! 12/16/13]

Chapter 12: A New Friend

Felix's eyes opened as he woke up from his slumber. The freshly decorated room was in his vision as he sat up. He looked over to see Marzia still sleeping. Might as well let her.

Felix got up slowly, careful not to wake her up. Grabbing his laptop, he slowly sat back in bed and checked his youtube. Over night he had hit 20 thousand subscribers, and he couldn't be happier.

Going on twitter, he replied to a couple bros and liked some fan art on Tumblr.
There were so many posts of him and Marzia, and the bros seemed to think they were a cute couple. Everyone shipped them as #Melix, and Felix thought that was cute.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Marzia sitting up. "Babe, over night, I hit 20 thousand subscribers!" Felix said excitedly. "That's amazing Hun, what's your next goal?"

"Well I'm just happy I got this many. I'll never get a million or anything like that" (Tehe)

"I bet eventually you'll be #1"

"Ha that's funny Marz, not in a million years though"

After they finished their morning routine, they got ready to go shopping for electronics. Hopping into the pewdsmobile (I'm corny), they hurried off to the local electronics store.

Felix wanted to get 2 tv's (one for the living room, one for the bedroom) and a second PC monitor for his gaming set up . Marzia wanted to get a wii for the living room.

Putting all of their newly bought items into the car, they headed home and set everything up.


After Marzia got her Wii set up, she played wii sports while Felix made lunch. While making grilled cheese sandwiches, he thought about his channel and where it would go. He never thought he could get that many subs, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Hearing Marzia yelling "yaaaaaay" after getting a strike in bowling, a smile spread across his face. Youtube also helped him meet the girl of his dreams.

Sitting down to eat lunch, Marzia was out of breath and sweaty. "I see you're liking your new Wii" Felix said laughing.

"Yea, i am"

"Maybe sometime we should do a video on Wii Tennis, I think it would be fun" Felix said standing up to rinse his plate off.

"Yea, I'd love too, maybe tomorrow, today I just want to relax."

"Okay as you wish my lady". Felix did a bow and sat back in the living room. "When would you like me to do the dishes Marzia?"

"Don't worry, I'll do them later"

"But.. Eh, fine, thanks love" Felix said as he grabbed his laptop and checked his Twitter. He saw that he got a DM from a guy named Ken. He had heard the name before, Ken went by the name Cinnamon Toast Ken. The message read:

Hey, man grats on 20 thousand, you deserve it! Skype me when you get the chance, I want to ask you something. My Skype is _____

Felix went into his gaming room and turned on his PC. Turning on Skype, he DM'd him back:

I'm getting on now, if you don't mind me calling you

Felix added Ken's Skype name and called him. It kept ringing until someone picked up.

"Heeeey Felix"

"Hey Ken, how's it going?"

"Good, how about you?"

"Good, so what did you want to ask me?"

"Later, myself and a couple of friends are going to be playing some Slendy Tubbies and I wondered if you would like to join us."

"I'd love to, when are you guys playing?"

"In about 8 hours, I have to get some sleep, it's 3 in the morning here in California."

"Okay sounds good, ill download it and get my set up ready, goodnight"

"Night Felix."

The Skype call ended as Marzia walked in. "Were you talking to someone or am I going crazy?"

"Ha, I was talking to this youtuber named Ken, we are shooting a video later."

"How nice, what are you guys going to play?"

"Ken was thinking Slendy Tubbies, it's sounds kinda fun, and I have never done videos with other people. It will be nice to take a break from happy wheels."

"That's great sweetie, I'm going to go shopping, need anything?"

"Nah I'm good"

As Marzia leaves the apartment, Felix gets his camera and pushes record. "Haha, hoooooows it goin bros? My name is Peeeewdiepie! And today I wanted to give you guys a tour of my new apartment! As some of you know, I moved in with my girlfriend Marzia and we just finished getting settled. Here we go!"

After showing all the rooms and brofisting the camera, he shut it off and edited the video.

While uploading, Felix decided to take a nap. He had 5 hours before him and Ken would play so he laid down on his bed, which felt so empty without Marzia. Eventually he fell asleep to sound of soft music coming from the streets.

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